Thursday, December 13, 2012

Contrary Winds Of Adversity Are Blowing Many In The Right Direction

While speaking on childlike faith in Kansas, I noticed an eleven-year-old boy named Brody listening intently as if he were eating the message off everyone's plate.
Two weeks later I received this update on Brody.

Brody went bow hunting with his cousin. While walking to their hunting place, Brody was thinking how difficult it would be to actually kill a deer. It was very windy and a boy of Brody's size doesn't have the strength to pull a powerful bow. He told his mother later that while having these thoughts God told him he would get a deer. His mother asked him what God had said and Brody's reply was that God said, " Brody, I'm going to give you one of my animals today". Shortly thereafter, Brody saw a doe 30 yards away (a difficult distance for Brody and his bow). He shot and saw that the arrow would miss its mark, but at the last moment a strong wind hit the arrow and sent it into the animal's heart. A perfect shot. What an awsome God!

When I heard this testimony I couldn't help but think how many of us are experiencing strong winds of adversity that leave us powerless from pursuing our purposes and dreams. But then in the Spirit I saw these same strong winds actually blowing many in the direction God intends them to go. These adverse winds had become friends to many, driving them into their God-appointed destination.
"It's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit," says the Lord.


Bill Yount

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Are You Feeling Insignificant? 1 Samuel 15:17

1 Samuel 15:17 "And Samuel said to Saul. When you were little in your own eyes, you were exalted to be the head of the tribes of Israel and the Lord anointed you King over Israel.
There are times when I feel so insignificant. Am I making any difference in this world that is falling apart at the seams? This morning, as often is the case, I sensed the word 'NO' speaking to me from situations and circumstances that I have been praying about. I sense many others are hearing it too. But I then saw the two letters N O lighting up in the Spirit meaning, it's 'NOT OVER!"'

I am noticing a pattern that weaves throughout my life. After seasons of living in obscure insignificance something happens that thrusts me to higher, more noble places. And I discover from this notable place that God had been using me all along, perhaps even more in those seasons when I felt like quitting.


You Are Only Seeing The Tip of The Ice Berg of How God Is Using You

I see a tip of the iceberg of the Kingdom of Heaven. Ten per cent of an ice berg is seen and ninety per cent is under water and invisible to the natural eye. It's the ninety per cent that is the most powerful. The ninety percent of God's Kingdom is now moving beneath the dark waters of the earth. You won't hear this by watching or listening to the news.You will see this by focusing on the Lord. Many feel like you are not being the light you should be. But you are only seeing about 10 percent of how God is using you. There is ninety percent of your light shining, touching people's lives in ways you aren't seeing right now. God is using you greatly.

Many are not only seeing the tip of the iceburg of evil in the world but are focusing and being mesmerized by the ninety percent that's underneath it. But evil of Titanic proportion is about to clash into the tip of the ice berg of the Kindgom of Heaven and there will be a crying out from the lost as with the Titanic, causing many to come to you from the ten percent of your light shining and you will discover that God has been using you all along in many people's lives and you just didn't know it. "Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising." Isaiah 60:30
Remember N O means it's NOT OVER!
Bill Yount

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In All Things Behold The Blessings

Gabby Douglas who won gold for best gymnastics in the recent Olympics said in an interview. "Hard days are the best, because that's when champions are made. If you push through the hard days you can get through anything." She also shared when she looked up at the score board and saw her name in lights with the gold medal, it dawned on her that "all those days of practice when it was difficult and painful and I wanted to quit; it was worth it all."

The hardest days ahead will be our best days. It's what will make us champions and bring out God's almighty strength in us. We would have never heard of David, if there hadn't been a Goliath. We would never have heard of Moses, if there hadn't been a Pharoah. God uses the enemy in our lives to turn things around. The lion that came out against Samson only brought out God's anointing in him. He didn't know what was in him until the lion came against him. The lion brought it out of him. He later ate honey out of that lion's belly. Glory! These saints discovered that their enemies and trials came with upgrade attachments.

A Champion's Medals Are His Scars

I have never seen a champion bull rider leave the arena without his face in the dirt, a limp, or wounded in some way. In spite of the glory of the moment every bone in his body cries out with pain and he often requires assistance to get away from the bull and out of the arena.

When you see someone being used by the Lord and you think they are a champion in the Spirit, you don't know the pain that comes with overcoming their enemy. You can spot true champions from the false. They walk with a limp, and if you look real close, they will have a tear running down their championship face. And to your surprise, they are not confident after all, as their security has just been shaken at the very core of their being at the height of their success. I am learning not be jealous of anyone who seems to be strongly anointed and being used by the Lord. I don't know how deep the scars go that brought them to this place or the suffering their anointing will cost them in the days ahead.


God's Delays Are His Appointments

Waiting to become the next king of Israel while stuck with those few sheep probably caused David great frustration at times. The key to David's kingship was and still is, "Don't focus on what you are waiting for. Focus on the blessing right where you're at." What the Lord wanted to convey to David as well as us today is..."There's a bear coming to give you an upgrade in the Spirit! And the lion rug you always wanted on the floor of your tent is in the mail. If you miss Me in the waiting, you will miss what you are waiting for!"

 In all things behold the blessings.

Bill Yount

Friday, October 19, 2012

What Uncle Willie's Glass Eye Could See

We called him Uncle Willie. A little old man who sat near the front of the church so he could hear the worship and the message. At times the Spirit of the Lord would come upon Uncle Willie causing his frail body to shake and his eyes to weep. Uncle Willie's glass eye intrigued everyone. I'm convinced some came to church just to see it. When He began to shake and weep, his glass eye would often pop out, and if you watched closely, you could see him catching it in his hands. He'd then tilt his head back as though nothing unusual had happened and roll the glass eye back into place.

I soon discovered Uncle Willie could see better than any of us. It happened when a young boy drowned in our hometown river. The river was drug for days without closure for the grieving family. Uncle Willie mentioned to someone, "I know where that body is, I can see it in the bottom of that river." Word got to the parents and spread quickly to the rescue team. They helped Uncle Willie into a boat and started moving out on the water. Willie's crackling voice steered the rescue team in spite of the boat filling up with doubt. Finally, further down stream, Willie pointed, "the body is right down there."

The doubtful crew threw the weighted hook, and sure enough, it hooked the little boy's body.

A tainted, saddened cry of relief and wonderment was heard by those on shore, including the parents.

I have been praying recently to know God like never before. While praying, I remembered Uncle Willie with the glass eye. He saw what others could not see. He heard what no one else could hear. He heard the Father tell him where the body was. I cried, "Lord, I want to see what Uncle Willie could see. He could hear your voice when others couldn't. I want to see and hear like Uncle Willie. I want to see the lost and dying and find those spiritually dead who have no hope of being found."

With this heart cry I began to expect to hear and see people like I have never seen them before. I have seen too many people as trees walking and now I expect to see each one clearly. To my surprise it is happening. This morning I stopped by a branch of my bank that I rarely stop at. I usually use the drive through but today I felt impressed to go inside. When I looked at the young male teller I heard the word 'promotion' and had a witness in my Spirit. I played it safe and asked him a question. "Does your job allow you to climb up the ladder?" He said, "Yes." I said to him, "I sense you are going to be promoted on your job." Looking surprised, he responded, "I am getting a promotion next month!" I told him I sensed the Lord telling me that His hand was on his life and He knew where he was. "Your promotion is coming from the Lord," I said. As I walked out of that bank I said to the Lord, "This is fun! Serious fun. Who's next?"

Lord, forgive us for having eyes to see but not seeing and ears to hear and not hearing.

Bill Yount

Friday, September 28, 2012

Calling In Our Kingdom Reserves In Time Of War!

The meaning of a reserve: "A fighting force kept uncommitted until strategic need arises. Often used in the plural. A part of a country's armed forces not on active duty but subject to call in an emergency."

"He that dasheth in pieces is come up before thy face: keep the munition, watch the way, make thy loins strong, fortify thy power mightily!" Nahum 2:1, KJV

The heavens are rumbling. Angels scramble urgently as their assignments are shouted out: "Alert my people to call in their kingdom reserves! Walls of prayer protection have been breached hindering the advancement of My kingdom! They must call in their reserves of 'intercessors' whom they have overlooked in the past but are urgently needed now."

Overlooked Intercessors Are Now Needed For Breakthrough!

Strong orders are being given to the Saints. Forgive every brother or sister who has wounded you. Be reconciled. Some were born to intercede for your life and ministry! Brothers and sisters holding offense against one another are hindering physical healing and spiritual advancement. Some whom they are refusing to forgive have the gift of healing for their bodies!

Overlooked Family Members Are Waiting In Reserve To Receive Their Call For Duty!

Overlooked family members, including children, grandchildren and the unsaved, will launch many of God's people into never-before-seen breakthroughs.

I know myself and others have humbled ourselves before unsaved loved ones by asking them to pray for us. They were at first shocked we would honor and respect them that much, but then the Holy Spirit hovered over them, causing them to seriously consider..."Maybe I ought to learn how to pray since I have been asked to.'" This knocked the walls down between the saved and unsaved. Many have experienced seeing unsaved loved ones pray themselves into God's Kingdom through this kind of prayer request.

Many Children Need To Phone Home To Their Parents To Call In Their Reserve Of Wisdom To Win Their War!

The older I get the more I realize my parents were right. My mother is still living at eighty eight years old. There is seldom a day goes by that I don't call her on the phone. Why? I am still learning much from her. I think that's why God keeps her living for my sake and others. She just had a cancer tumor removed from her stomach. She keeps outliving her doctors and diseases. Her wisdom is outlasting her enemies and mine, too.

If Married, Your Spouse Is Your Most Powerful Intercessor Waiting In Reserve!

I have many intercessors around the world praying for me and my ministry. One day God showed me prayers from intercessors rising to the Throne on my behalf. Then, all of a sudden, I saw my wife's prayer shooting upward like lightning, surpassing every other prayer on earth, reaching the Father's throne room instantly and getting immediate attention!

Don't ask your wife to pray "for" you but to pray "with" you. Agreement in prayer produces victories that can take place in no other way! Praying in the Spirit together especially gives you an intimacy that brings breakthroughs in the natural realm.

The Name Of Jesus Is Waiting In Reserve To Shatter Your Enemy To Pieces!

I sense many are overlooking the power that is in the name of Jesus, the Name above every name! Use it continually! When you just can't seem to pray . . . whisper the name of Jesus. The most powerful prayers in crises are the shortest. Just saying "Jesus" captures His attention and wreaks havoc in hell.

The Reserve Call For Ministries To Connect, Pray, And Flow Together In Battle!

Has the Lord called you to a ministry and then seemingly left planet earth? Does it seem like He is not paying attention to you and "your" individual ministry? The reason the Lord is not paying that much attention to "individual" ministries right now is because it isn't the season for individual ministries. God is seeing through corporate vision. He has the whole world in His heart. The best thing we can do is forget about ourselves and "our" ministry long enough to humble ourselves and prefer and esteem other ministries above our own, then reach out and connect with them to receive the corporate anointing He is releasing this hour.

Each of us need corporate power to be launched into our purpose! As ministries confess their weaknesses and pray one for another, healing will flow like mighty waterfalls!

Pull Out All The Stops And Call In Your Reserves Today . . . We Are In War!


Bill Yount


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Resources Are Coming--God Is Weaning Us From Old Resources And Bringing Us Into His Supernatural Supply

Philippians 4:19, "But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

The Ringing of the Bell of Wall Street

I don't know much about Wall Street and the Stock Exchange, but I do remember throughout my school years when the bell would ring. It meant it was time for a recess. Recess for me was a powerful word, and it always brought a blessing to break away from the routine of things and be free to enjoy the time out. I sense the bell that is ringing on Wall Street could be a signal for God's people--that we are in for a "recess" not a recession! This is a recess from the way we are accustomed to having our needs met, and instead, we will have the opportunity to watch God take care of us, supernaturally, if need be.

I sense we are in a transition from "believing" in miracles to "living" in them! I sense the Father saying to the angels who dropped down the manna and fed two million of His children in the wilderness, "I believe they are now ready to live by faith!" I sense the Father saying to the Rock (Jesus) who followed His children throughout their wilderness journey, "I believe they are now ready to speak by faith to that rock, and watch living water gush out to quench their thirst instead of looking to the world to quench it!"

Clothes That Don't Wear Out

Deuteronomy 29:5, "I have led you forty years in the wilderness: your clothes have not worn out on you, and your shoes have not worn out on your feet!"

I am hesitant to say this, but I have a pair of black dress pants close to twenty years old that I still wear at times. Not just because I don't like to shop, but they just never seem to wear out! Have you noticed that your clothing and many other things seem to last longer than you thought they would? Get used to this, because I see this supernatural anointing falling upon our possessions, such as automobiles and appliances, as we serve the Lord in these last days. I also had a pair of wing tip dress shoes that lasted about the same time span. Apparently, Israel's clothing and shoes grew with them. That same anointing which caused millions of shoes to never wear out for forty years is still present. The soles of their shoes outlasted the best Michelin radial tire on the market today!

Financial Pruning In Sources We Have Trusted In

Not long ago we experienced a cutback in a specific missions budget. Immediately my flesh went into full gear, wondering why a source would cut our support. I was loading my ammunition of good reasons why they should not cut us. As I got ready to confront this issue, the Lord spoke, "Hold your peace! You are not being cut back, you are being pruned. Your cutback will bring forth financial increase from other sources, including Me!" I sense many are experiencing similar situations concerning their finances. We must keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. I sense He is weaning us from sources that we have gotten used to, and now He wants to prove even more that He is our Shepherd and we shall not lack!

God is bringing His people full circle. Full circle means "full where there is no lack." When Jesus sent His disciples out with no purse, script, or shoes to serve Him, He later asked them, "'Did you lack anything?' They said, 'No, nothing'" (Luke 22:35).

Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain

1 Timothy 6:6-10, "But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content."

Have you ever been driven into your prayer closet by a great need, and you break into His presence where there is fullness of joy and you forgot what drove you in there? Once I said to the Lord, "Lord, I have forgotten what that great need was that drove me to You, since Your presence is overwhelming right now." He responded with, "Your greatest need is Me!"

Mercy to the Needy

As we enter more and more into His presence through much tribulation, we will come forth with more of His compassion for the poor and needy and will discover that there is greater joy in giving than in receiving. I believe in troubled times, we will be drawn more to "people" than things. Relationships will become more precious than gold and silver, and we may discover that less with God is really more. The answer to any economic shaking is written right on our money, "In God We Trust!"

Enjoy the recess!

 Bill Yount

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Be Patient - I'm Working

Below is a message concerning difficult people on your job, in your family and yes, the Body of Christ too. Since none of us are perfect we all have those people who seem impossible to love unless we see them as God sees them. In this message I share about the road I have walked down for thirty six years with the Lord. Looking back over my life I am realizing that it wasn't the easy road that blessed me. It was the broken road that blessed my life. Most of those bumps in the road came from difficult people that God brought into my life to ultimately bless and promote me.

To listen to the audio message, visit the website below and locate the podcast area near the top of the page. Once you click and select my audio message title, it may take a little while to open up the audio file.

Bill Yount

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are You Being Convicted Of God's Goodness In Your Life?

While fasting recently, I was overwhelmingly convicted of God's goodness in my life. I was reminded I was healed of a brain tumor when I was seven years old. Others weren't healed of that. I survived a heart attack 10 years ago. Others haven't. My heart stopped three days after the heart attack while taking a heart test. They jumped my heart back to beat again. My neighbor, younger than I, died of a heart attack years ago and He loved God too. I just don't understand why I am still here and others aren't. I owe everything to Him. Why He loves me I can't understand. It makes me weep. Sensing his daily constant goodness is leading me to a life of repentance and being merciful to others.

How Many Of You Are Glad To Be Anywhere?
If it had not been for the Lord on my side where would I be? When I stand up to minister I ask a question that never fails to release an atmospheric anointing of thankfrulness into people's hearts. "How many of you are glad to be anywhere?" They laugh, but the annointing of thanksgiving has already begun to fall upon them to start counting their endless blessings. Then I tell them, "I am just glad to be." Since the attack against my heart I now have a ministry of full-time breathing! Breathing qualifies us to worship! Looking back on my trials and life threatening events I know now that I could have been thanking the Lord in them instead of afterwards. "In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." (1 Thessalonians 5:18) When we stop thanking Him, we take ourselves out of His perfect will.

I am learning what God wants to hear from us when we are in the fiery flame with no strings attached. In our sufferings we often attach strings to our prayers, like: 'if you heal me or let me live.' I learned quickly in that emergency room what He is after. "Father, I love you!" That's it..period! And when it's from our hearts, I can imagine all of heaven stopping as He says to the angels, "Stay up here, I have a personal house call. I'm going down for the nine count rescue!"

Have you wondered how saints of old and present could give thanks, breaking into worship, when facing a firing squad or being burned at stake? Could it be they were not praising God to move Him to do anything more? They were praising Him for what He had already done in their lives, the past miracles and deliverances and for the fact that they were still here. Each day of their lives was a precious gift and so was this one. Eternity beat in their hearts. They knew they were always one heart beat away from seeing the bigger picture of God's perfect plan for their lives. Their present fiery trial, stoning, or pointed gun was a reminder... "Absent from the body - present with the Lord." (2 Corinthians 5:8) They were fully convinced God was able to deliver but if He didn't, they would go out in a blaze of glory. "And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death ..." Rev.12"11

DL Moody once said, "The day will come when you will read in the obituary that D L Moody has died. Don't you believe it. It is a lie. I will be more alive at that moment than I have ever been on earth." And so will we who put our trust in Jesus Christ. We will be alive when the stars fall from their sockets and this earth is no more. For His goodness and mercy endures forever.
Bill Yount

Monday, June 11, 2012

Many Are Coming In Out Of Left Field Into My Kingdom!

While watching a recent baseball game I noticed that a player who'd dropped a ball in a previous game was playing poorly again. I thought to myself: "Why doesn't the manager take that guy out of the game and replace him?" I sensed the Lord then say to me: "For the same reason I don't take you out of the game. The manager knows that guy is a better player than he appears to be right now." The next time that player got up to bat, he hit a home run!

   Don't Count Yourself Or Anyone Else Out Of The Game Or My Kingdom
Recently, I sensed the Lord saying, "I am bringing many in 'out of left field' to be used in My Kingdom." Heaven's eyes are on left field. The meaning 'out of left field' means: to come from an unexpected place, to be a surprise, unusual or 'didn't see that coming.'
Suddenly, I had a picture of unusual people emerging from unexpected places of gross darkness. This surprised many in the Body of Christ. God was drawing them but we hadn't seen them coming. Then the Lord said, "Who are these I see coming up out of the wilderness ( out of left field ) leaning on her beloved?" Soloman 8:3 (paraphrased) These appeared to be pornography stars, mass murderers, witches, occult practitioners, and followers of Eastern religions; souls who had committed horrendous sins and terrifying crimes. The pointing of their finger was the closest many in the Body of Christ had come to these. But they were being summoned by God's Spirit like a baseball coach waving in a relief pitcher from the bull pen to clinch the final innings of the game.
Most baseball stadiums have their bull pens outside of the outfield fence, some outside the left field wall. Interestingly, one of the meanings of the word bull pen is: 'a barred enclosure in a jail where prisoners are kept together temporarily until facing charges.' Yes, many prisoners of sin are now being freed into God's Kingdom to display His great grace in Heaven's final All Star Game on earth! I saw "Hatfields and McCoys" jumping over the left field fence; leaping the high walls of hatred and historic grudges. I could not believe what I was seeing. God was waving them in.
I was left thinking: Expecting the unexpected makes the unexpected expected and the expected unexpected. ( anonymous)
Feel free to send us your prayer requests and we will agree with you in prayer. There is power in agreement as we pray one for another.
Bill Yount

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Work In Progress - Philippians 1:6 MSG Bible

Philippians 1:6 "There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears."

 Each one of us is a work in progress. God is not through working on any of us. This is one reason we cannot judge one another.
Where we are living there is a construction site near by. You can't escape it. Right when you turn on to the main road there it is. A major four way intersection under construction causing traffic to stand still and people to go crazy. The bank we are customers with is right on the corner of it. Going inside the bank you get to breathe dust for they are remodeling the bank after tearing half of it down to make room for these new sophisticated routes of traveling.

Many Times God Uses A Red Light To Speak To Us

I am not judging the construction workers but I am convinced that my two flat tires within three days on the same tire was caused by pieces of metal debrie picked up from crossing through that intersection.The other day I was waiting again in a line of traffic backed up what seemed to be a mile. The light changed and being in a hurry we began to move slower than I wanted. Finally approaching the intersection the light turned red personally just for me right before I could go through. That did it. Sitting there, I felt like getting out of my car and shouting to every construction worker at the top of my lungs, "Would you please stop working on this intersection? I can't take this anymore!" ( But I didn't because I am a Christian.) Sitting there, waiting for the light to change, there came a moment of stillness and the Lord whispered to me, "But wait till you see when it is finished. Wait til you see when it is finished."

When Things Appear To Be Falling Apart, They Could Be Actually Falling Together!

I believe there are many people right now like me who are a work in progress. The Lord has been working over time in your life although things seem to be falling apart and going crazy. You have been tempted or maybe have said to Him today. "Would you please stop working on me? I can't take it anymore!" But I sense the Lord saying to you, "But wait til you see when I am finished. Wait til you see when I am finished. Things are not falling apart, they are falling together! You are a work in progress."

Bill Yount

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are The Stars Pulling Out All The Stops For End Time Warfare?

Recently on March 11, 2012, when turning our clocks forward, losing an hour in order to gain more daylight time, my watch suddenly stopped. I sensed it was too unlikely for it to stop at this specific time. Was it prophetic? I was reminded of the day when Joshua was in the heat of battle and time was running out for Israel to overcome their enemy. They needed more daylight to overcome the darkness coming against them. Joshua spoke to the sun ( a big star ) to stand still and it obeyed and the moon stayed and didn't move for a whole day." Joshua 10:12,13. This gave Israel the edge to win. The next morning during worship at a church meeting I sensed the Lord saying, "In the Spirit, the Sun is standing still again for many who are seemingly losing in their battle so they can be avenged of their enemy.The heavens over you are now coming into alignment to execute justice for many in the earth."

What does the Bible mean in Judges 5:20 where it says,"They fought from heaven, the stars in their courses fought for Israel," God's people? Can the stars do warfare? And in Job 38:7: The morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy. Do stars really sing? And if they do, what are they singing about? What is so special about the stars to God that He tells the number of the stars and calls each one by their names? (Psalm 147:4) Why in the heavens is each star so significant to the Lord? Could they be playing a significant rule in what is going on down here on the earth?

"God's Word is forever settled in the heavens." ( Psalm 119:89 ). We are in a time where the very heavens are declaring the glory of God more than ever! Fresh revelation from heaven on high is now being released in these last days. Unusual events are taking place like never before in our solar system.

Could it be that all of creation at this time, including the constellations of the stars, are holding nothing back from worshiping their Creator? It's no wonder that if you look up on a starry night that the awe overwhelms you. The stars truly are emitting something so profound and yet so simple. Even as each star produces its own light through nuclear fusion, they were also created to shine forth the glorious light of the Gospel. Scientists have just discovered that the huge star (the sun) in the center of our solar system produces its own music. The Telegraph U.K. reports that Astronomers at the University of Sheffield have managed to record for the first time the eerie musical harmonies produced by the magnetic field in the outer atmosphere of the sun which vibrate like strings on a musical instrument.

Imagine every star as a musician and the heavens as a symphony orchestra. I wonder who the conductor could be? "For the invisible things of God from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so we are without excuse." Romans 1:20

The Stars Remind Lucifer How Far He Has Fallen

Isaiah 14:12-13: "How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground which did weaken the nations! For thou has said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God." Satan well knew to whom the stars belonged. The stars to this day remind Lucifer of how far he has fallen. Could it be that he heard the morning stars singing (Job 38:7), worshipping their Creator, as he fell down through them? Is it any wonder that he hates those constellations of stars that he could never rise above to be like God? Lucifer went from being the chief worship leader in heaven to no longer being in the choir.

In these end times even the zodiac is being exposed for what it really represents as in, Eternal Destinies as Revealed in The Stars, by Barbara Hunt, "The stars are not telling anyone their fortune or future. They are telling us about the one and only Person who can . . their Creator and ours, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, 'the bright and morning star'" (Revelation 22:16).


Bill Yount

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Need Encouragement? Read The Bible Again Like It's The Very First Time Psalm 119:18

Psalm 119:18 "Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law."

Recently I prayed, "Lord, let me read the Bible like it's the very first time. Open my eyes to behold wondrous things out of Thy law." It works. I am seeing things I never saw, and it is going into my spirit. It's like I am being born again all over again!

If The Enemy Is Telling You That You Don't Need To Read The Bible As Much As You Used To...You Need to Read it More!

Have you ever thought, "I have read the Bible so many times that I have a pretty good handle on what it is saying. Therefore I don't need to read it as much"? Have you ever said to yourself, "I have read that certain Scripture so many times that I am sure I know what that verse means. Besides, I have heard others share that they got the same meaning from it"?

Recently, I sensed the Lord saying to me, "There is a dangerous mindset in many of My people when it comes to receiving fresh revelation from My Word. The longer they walk with Me in My Word, there is a tendency for them to think that they know it all! Many have forgotten that My Word is a living Word, full of ongoing revelation and eternal insights."

What a Wonderful, Humbling Experience to Come to God Like a Child Every Day!

I believe "how" we pick up our Bibles to read them determines "how" we receive what is in it. If we come pridefully boasting in what we think we already know of His Word, we will surely fail in the full revelation of it. When was the last time God's Word became personally alive to you? Was it when you were broken before Him and you felt like you didn't know anything? Or was it when you thought you had some good ideas to share with God about how He could run the universe better? I believe it is still our subtle "know it all" attitude that keeps hindering us from the ongoing revelation of the One who knows everything! Perhaps "Unless you become as little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven" would be fitting for reading God's Word, also.

Your Bible is Always Begging You to Open It

I used to minister in prisons for twenty-three years. One prisoner in a cell was handed a Bible and he took it and threw it under his bed as he cursed it. Years later, he testified that there were nights he could not sleep. He couldn't get that Bible out of his mind. One night he got up and reached under his bed to get it. As he picked up that Bible, he said he had an irresistible urge to open it and start reading it. He could not put it down. The presence of a Bible in his cell overcame the powers of darkness in his life and set him free as well as others in that prison!

I have heard several testimonies of sick people who had all kinds of prayer, but nothing changed. One woman testified after becoming so desperate, "Every night as I lay down in bed I would take my Bible and lay it on my chest." She said it wasn't long until her sickness was gone! It made me wonder, If a closed Bible can do that, what can an open Bible do?

I believe we are right now in a kairos moment to receive fresh manna hot out of the oven of Heaven. Yesterday's manna has gone stale for us. I want to encourage you to imagine for a moment that you have never read anything in the Bible. Now open it and begin reading it, for the very first time.
Pray this simple prayer first: "Open my eyes to behold wondrous things out of Thy law" (Psalm 119:18).


Bill Yount

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Season Of Miracle Comebacks

Could several sports events with players such as Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow recently having miraculous comebacks, mentioning the Lord in their victories, be prophetic? I believe the greatest miracle moments in all of sports history are just beginning to be recorded as a sign of the spiritual season the Body of Christ is now in.

A while back I called up Dick's Sporting Goods to ask a question about a certain sports equipment. The lady who answered the phone put me on hold while she asked someone else about more information. When she put me on hold, there was a CD playing in the background of the 'Greatest Moments in Sports History." Play after play I listened with amazement as these teams and individuals who were losing big time, with no hope of winning, all of a sudden were being named heroes and the world was calling these unbelievable, winning comeback plays a miracle!

As I kept listening, I felt the anointing of God coming down over me through this CD as if God wanted us to know something. I got so caught up listening to these miracle comeback plays, I called Dick's Sporting Goods back up the next day asking, "Could you put me on hold? I don't want to talk to anybody. I want to listen to the Greatest Moments in Sports History"! I ordered the two CDs and kept listening to them over and over again. I have brained washed my mind with miracle comebacks.
I got to thinking. Are there certain ingredients in these miracle comebacks in sports events, past and present, that we in the Body of Christ need to be aware of? Looking back, what was it that created the greatest miracle moments in my own life? Those moments that I now live to tell others about.

Unusual Ingredients For A Miracle

The powerful ingredient that I discovered in these miracle comebacks in sports events and in my own life was...THEY WERE LOSING! Could what appears to us as seemingly losing in an area of our life possibly be an ingredient or key for a miracle? I believe it is. I am learning when it appears I am losing and it looks like it's impossible for me to win, God is setting the stage for something greater. Isn't it the stories in the Bible of the people who looked like they would never make it, that builds our faith the most? The Lord seems to write their heroic events beginning with them knowing the agony of defeat, with no hope of ever fulfilling their God given dream.
There's another key ingredient for a miracle comeback I have heard sports announcers talk about when a team is losing. They often notice and announce to the world about certain key players "they are being patient and calm under pressure"! We need to remember that it is through Faith and Patience that we inherit our promises and overcome great opposition.

Many Key Players Are Usually Overlooked And Rejected For A Season Before Coming Into
Their Glory!

Being overlooked and rejected are ingredients God seems to stage in our lives to humble us and prepare us for His timing of revealing His glory in us. He knows when it's our time for exaltation, for then whatever we do, we do all for His glory. Perhaps rejection is the most important ingredient He works in us way before we are brought to the lime light and become a champion. That heavenly gift of rejection humbles us to handle the fame when He exalts us and we seem to become unstoppable. But then the final exam question is, will we still glorify Him when a losing streak occurs? Perhaps the greatest moment in Tebow's sports career recorded in heaven could be the way he handled his loses after his season of success. He still glorified the Lord, for though he was in the game, the game wasn't in him, but Christ in him the hope of glory.

We are not finished hearing from these Godly sport champions regardless of their times of loses, for they know their losses are temporary compared to eternity. And their losses become practice sessions for yet another miracle comeback.
Bill Yount

Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Are In A Season Where We May Need What We Don't Like!

Have you experienced certain things in your life that you did not like at the time, but later realized were needed?

May I Share A Few Things I Didn't Like?

Recently I was driving through a dangerous snow storm going to Pittsburgh, PA to minister. I don't like snow storms, especially driving in them. Another thing I don't like is big eighteen wheeler trucks flying down the highways passing me by when I am driving. When they pass you by they can throw stones at your car and crack your windshield.

This snow storm was beating down hard but the roads were well-salted. But, my windshield solvent line had become frozen and my windshield became coated with salt making it almost impossible to see. The windshield wipers only made it worse. I felt dangerously blinded.Then all of a sudden I noticed something. Every time an eighteen wheeler passed by me and got ahead of me, it's tires would throw water up on my windshield and I could see. Because of the storm there weren't many trucks on the road so I began to pray for more trucks on my highway. "Lord, please send me more trucks." When I could faintly see a truck that was way ahead of me, I would speed up to catch up to it so it could throw water on my windshield. The trucks became my deliverance through the storm. I will never complain again about trucks on the highway.

Another time when I was driving in a snowstorm a huge truck ahead of me was going slower than I wanted. Although the roads were treacherous, I decided to take a risk and pass this humongous hindrance to make up for loss time. As I began to turn into the passing lane, I noticed a huge snow plow in front of the truck and it dawned on me I needed to be behind the plow or I might never get to where I was going. Again, what I didn't like, I needed.

Lord, "Why Has Our Troubles Come Upon Us Like An Avalanche Of Snow"?

Job 38:22 "Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow..."

Again, driving recently in another snow squall, I cried out to the Lord, "How could the Apostle Paul say that his and our many troubles are just a 'light' affliction compared to the glory that is to be revealed in us. ( 2 Corinthians 4:17 ) Was Paul crazy? Lord, show me what Paul meant and show me what my struggles and overwhelming problems look like to you. How do you see them from your point of view?" The Lord responded, "Son, look at just one of those snowflakes! You see it and then it's gone!" That is what all of your avalanche of troubles look like to Me in the eyes of eternity. They are as light and short-lived as the life of a snow flake. That is what I see."

Corrie Ten Boom, speaking at a conference, kept looking down as she spoke as if knitting something. Near the end of her teaching someone asked her why she was looking down and not paying much attention to the people. She held up a tapestry she was doing needle work on. Holding up the side that was frayed and hard to make sense of, she explained, "On this side of eternity our lives many times look like this." Then she turned the tapestry over and said, "But from God's eternal point of view, He sees something beautiful and good."

Lord, help us to understand that what appears to be a blizzard of problems is actually a treasury of snow.


Bill Yount