Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Are You Feeling Insignificant? 1 Samuel 15:17

1 Samuel 15:17 "And Samuel said to Saul. When you were little in your own eyes, you were exalted to be the head of the tribes of Israel and the Lord anointed you King over Israel.
There are times when I feel so insignificant. Am I making any difference in this world that is falling apart at the seams? This morning, as often is the case, I sensed the word 'NO' speaking to me from situations and circumstances that I have been praying about. I sense many others are hearing it too. But I then saw the two letters N O lighting up in the Spirit meaning, it's 'NOT OVER!"'

I am noticing a pattern that weaves throughout my life. After seasons of living in obscure insignificance something happens that thrusts me to higher, more noble places. And I discover from this notable place that God had been using me all along, perhaps even more in those seasons when I felt like quitting.


You Are Only Seeing The Tip of The Ice Berg of How God Is Using You

I see a tip of the iceberg of the Kingdom of Heaven. Ten per cent of an ice berg is seen and ninety per cent is under water and invisible to the natural eye. It's the ninety per cent that is the most powerful. The ninety percent of God's Kingdom is now moving beneath the dark waters of the earth. You won't hear this by watching or listening to the news.You will see this by focusing on the Lord. Many feel like you are not being the light you should be. But you are only seeing about 10 percent of how God is using you. There is ninety percent of your light shining, touching people's lives in ways you aren't seeing right now. God is using you greatly.

Many are not only seeing the tip of the iceburg of evil in the world but are focusing and being mesmerized by the ninety percent that's underneath it. But evil of Titanic proportion is about to clash into the tip of the ice berg of the Kindgom of Heaven and there will be a crying out from the lost as with the Titanic, causing many to come to you from the ten percent of your light shining and you will discover that God has been using you all along in many people's lives and you just didn't know it. "Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising." Isaiah 60:30
Remember N O means it's NOT OVER!
Bill Yount