Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm Getting Souls

In a vision a young man saw the Lord pick up the earth and He began to shake it up and down in His hands. The young man asked the Lord, "What are you doing?" The Lord said, "I'm getting souls! I'm getting souls!"

I sense such a great shaking coming that it will fill most churches. People will line up outside waiting to get in. This shaking alone will cause multitudes of children and grandchildren, who have been prayed for many years, to run like prodigals to Jesus. This shaking alone will do it.

It will be the answer to many prayers for lost loved ones and a great harvest to take place in the earth. As the shaking increases, remember what God is doing: "I'm getting souls!"

Bill Yount

Monday, August 10, 2015

When The Devil Says, "You Missed It," You Probably Hit The Bull's Eye!

The devil never wants you to know how much God is using you. He is using you more than you know. Hell trembles because you are still alive. The devil's greatest fear is: You are still here. He has heard how God has rescued you and changed your life.

He heard about the fiery furnace you were in and he saw the fourth man show up. He saw your Red Sea split open. He saw the Lion's Den you were in and saw the mouths of the Lions shut. He has heard about your God who is now causing you to take your family, city and nation. When the devil says, "You missed it," you probably hit the bull's eye!


Bill Yount

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Saw 'Angelic' Midwives Interrupting The Spirit Of Abortion

Prayers seemed to have mounted up and taken wings ascending to the throne room, crying out on the behalf of the unborn. I heard many angels conversing, "We just got a breakthrough assignment to deliver the unborn! Tell them to keep crying out and pleading the Blood of Jesus...the spirit of abortion is beginning to be notified, 'Let My Babies Go!'"


It seemed like a season equivalent to when God had called Moses in his mother's womb to be a deliverer to the nation of Israel. In Moses' time Pharaoh sent a decree to destroy every male child being born. But the fear of God came upon the midwives and they saved these babies.

Moses was one of these babies who was delivered. These kind of 'hand delivered' babies deliver nations!

I sense once again a season of intervention is in where the fear of God is beginning to fall on abortion clinics as 'angelic' midwives are now being assigned to doctors and nurse practitioners.

A stronger cry from the throne became even louder for intercession as an angel began proclaiming, "I think we got another Moses here! Another David, another Deborah, and, yes, there is another Esther coming out of that womb! Keep prayer coming up. . . these babies have an anointing for the nations!"


I saw the Holy Spirit overshadowing many mothers who, like Mary, were overwhelmed what to think and to do next as they were surprised by their pregnancy. But the Holy Spirit began to melt their hearts, as it was revealed by God Himself, "Fear not, that holy thing which shall be born of thee is of Me. You are not carrying a mistake, you are carrying a miracle!"

I saw in the Spirit many babies being offered up for adoption. God had already handpicked married couples and placed His desire in their hearts to extend their families. These children appeared as arrows in their quivers who would eventually speak with the enemies in the gates of their cities and nations!

"Babies unplanned are Heaven's surprises; unplanned by man for Satan's demises!"

Bill Yount