Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prayers And Priorities Will Change In 2011

Bill & Dagmar Yount and Family
 Priorities seem to change almost daily in my life the older I get. I think the older we get the more we realize what really is important in the light of eternity. My priorities have now come to a screeching halt. I just can't seem to get my wife, children and grandchildren off of my mind and my love is ever increasing for them. Oh, yes, I love God, but my family is now running in second place behind Him and my ministry is now last. Don't tell God this, but I wish I could retire and just love my family until I meet Jesus face to face. Of course I will still minister with my calling but I have to tell you how my prayers and priorities are changing in my life and how they are changing me. Before you think I am gone a little crazy, I need to tell you that I believe this gut feeling I have is from God Himself for this coming year and maybe for eternity.

Bringing Home The Gold In 2011

I sense the Lord saying, "It's time to call forth some of my most powerful intercessors on earth to release My power in unprecedented ways that have not yet been seen - the prayer power of agreement between a husband and wife. Could it be that when Jesus spoke of His house becoming a house of prayer that He was referring to your house and mine, right where we live. I believe He was speaking to the very core of His church - husbands and wives who were destined to show forth His love and glory to a lost world.

In the Spirit I saw valleys of decisions coming towards our nation, our families, and communities. These decisions that needed to be made soon would affect not only our own lives but the lives of generations to come. I then saw the enemy releasing friction between husbands and wives because of these landmark decisions. He feared and knew that their coming together in agreeing prayer would dethrone the influence of his kingdom from their lives, families and nation.

Family Altars Of Prayer Will Be Erected In 2011

Ezra in the time of trouble seemed to focus on the welfare of the families of Israel that would ultimately be the deliverance for his nation. If God could save a family, the family could save a nation! Ezra built an altar at the river of Ahava.

Ezra 8:21,31 "Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava that we might afflict ourselves before our God, to seek of Him a right way for us, and for our little ones and for all our substance. 31. Then we departed from the river of Ahava on the twelfth day of the first month to go onto Jerusalem: and the hand of our God was upon us and he delivered us from the hand of the enemy and of such as lay in wait by the way."
I believe the mounting troubled times are about to drastically turn our hearts toward God and a whole lot more towards our families. Troubled times and economic problems often separate marriages and families but I see that God is going to use them now to bring marriages and families closer together. Families will once again pull together through prayer to get through tough times as we look to the Lord to deliver our families and nation from the hand of the enemy. I will never forget seven years ago when I laid in the emergency room with an attack against my heart. Our family experienced an explosion of love for each other that we had never had before. It will be proven once again that true ministry will come forth out of our family relationships. Not that our relationships are always perfect in our families but because God knows we are esteeming them above our ambitions for ministry outside the home.

Did You Ever Wonder Why Jesus Performed His First Miracle On Earth At A Wedding Feast? Perhaps He Knew That Was Where It Would Be Needed The Most.

Did you know that when God brought you and your spouse together that He knew that you would need a miracle? In fact if you don't need one in your marriage there is possibly something wrong. Couples in the Bible who had the greatest destiny seemed to face the greatest impossibilities in their marriages. Abraham and Sarah couldn't conceive and became unfulfilled. They both through painful experiences learned that they needed more than each other and another third party ( Hagar ) to have their fulfillment in life.

Zachariah and Elizabeth also discovered a barren place in their marriage. Zachariah was serving as a priest in the temple and had the greatest experience of his life. An angel gave him a word about his destiny of having John the Baptist as a son. Then in Luke 1:23 "As soon as the days of his administration ( duties in the temple ) were accomplished, he departed to HIS OWN HOUSE." Then his wife, Elizabeth, who was barren conceived. I believe us men today in the temple or ministry are being called by God to return to our own houses, to our own perhaps 'spiritual' barren wives. Not until we men of God learn and experience spiritual intimacy with our wives, so they can spiritually conceive, can we as couples fulfill God's purposes for marriage and His kingdom in bringing forth a Godly seed that will shake the foundations of the nations!

Your Seed Will Speak With The Enemy In The Gate This Coming Year! Genesis 22:17

Genesis 22:17 ( Message Bible ) “Your descendants will defeat their enemies.”

The enemy is about to hear from our children and grandchildren beginning this coming year. Watch and expect the passion for Christ to run wild like a raging fire inside of them. The Lord has placed them in strategic locations in the earth and even in some unusual places where we might think they shouldn’t be. Even in prisons, homeless on the streets, or wherever they are being held in satan’s grip, they have now been divinely positioned to become a firebrand in God’s hand to ignite and explode like dynamite inside the camp of the enemy! This is why the enemy forever has fought against marriages. He feared concerning the Godly seed that was about to come upon the earth to do him in!

In 2011 - They'll Be Less Of 'Me, Myself And I' In Our Prayers!

I believe this coming year we will see more of Malachi's fulfillment as 'the hearts of the fathers are turning to their children and the hearts of children are turning to their fathers.' I believe we as men of God will find ourselves praying for our families more than anything else. Love will find its way home beginning 2011. A song by Tracey Adkins titled "That's all I ask for anymore" seems prophetic to me for us men of God at this time in history.

"But when I bow my head tonight, there'll be no 'me, myself and I'. Just watch my wife and kids please Lord. That's all I ask for anymore."

"Let them outlive me by a hundred years. Let their laughter dry up all their tears, let them love and be loved back like I have been."

In 2011 - God's Love Will Hit And Explode In The Bulls Eye Of A Nation - Our Families!

I sense a releasing of 'household salvation' angels setting up camp round about our dwelling places to deliver whole families. I believe before Jesus returns that we will experience an unprecedented outpouring of household salvation upon the earth. Get ready to bring home the gold!

Dear Friends,

Your prayers and love have blessed our family in every area. There are times in my ministry travels that I actually feel your prayers. Without you we would never make it through these challenging times. But God has surrounded us with a great cloud of witnesses which you are a part of. Thank you for being family to us. We pray your whole household will experience God’s presence and know His great love that casts out all fear.

We love you all,

Bill and Dagmar Yount & family

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Bowl Of Healing In Heaven Is About To Tip Over…Your Next Prayer Could Tip It!

I saw a "Bowl of Healing" teetering as angels of healing were proposing a toast to one another for Divine health coming upon the earth! They were toasting with the scripture 3 John 1:2 that says, "Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers!"

I saw many souls prospering because of drawing near to the Lord as they were fighting the good fight of faith for their healing! On the Father's heart was not only healing but Divine Health!

Our Prayers Of Faith Are Never In Vain

Have you ever prayed for someone to be healed, but they died? We all have. But did you know that your prayer of faith for that person was not in vain, and that God still honors it? Neither is that person's death in vain.

I Saw Tears Being Collected in a Bottle in Heaven...and "Unanswered" Prayers for the Sick Down Here Were Being Collected in a Bowl Up There.

I saw that our tears over our loved ones (who we had believed and prayed for to be healed but were not healed) were not shed in vain. I saw these many tears being collected in a bottle in heaven for a purpose. Our seemingly "unanswered prayers" of faith for the sick who had not received their healing were also being collected in a huge bowl in heaven. I had a knowing that our tears and unanswered prayers down here were working for us a "far more exceeding weight of glory!" I saw this huge bowl in heaven that was filling up to the top, and it was about to tip over to pour out upon the earth the greatest outpouring of healing that this world has ever known!

Your Next Prayer of Faith For the Sick Could be the One That Tips the Bowl Over--Never Stop Praying and Believing!

I sense many who have been given the gift of healing have been stopped by the enemy because they have not seen the results of their prayers of faith. You may say, "Bill, I have been prophesied to lay hands on the sick, but I have prayed for ten people who weren't healed!" Listen carefully. "You need to go find number eleven, and lay hands on them, and pray the prayer of faith, and believe God again.

God is the healer, not us! We are called to believe God's word as long as we have breath! Remember, we are believers not doubters! Even IF your next prayer of faith for the sick goes "unanswered", it could be the very prayer to tip over that bowl of healing in Heaven! Never stop praying and believing! Your prayers are never in vain!

You may say, "Bill, I have been believing God for my healing for fifteen years and still no victory!" Listen carefully. "It would be foolish for you to quit now. You have fifteen years of faith invested in your healing, and you are closer now to your healing than when you first believed!"

John G. Lake Had a Gift of Healing that is Still Healing People Around the World Through Healing Rooms

John G. Lake came from a large family of sixteen members. Seven of his family's loved ones were killed by an epidemic disease. All of this death in his family actually burned a desire inside of him to lay hold of the power of God and discover the key to healing that is still touching the world today. The death all around him could have caused him to quit believing in healing. Instead, the deaths were like gasoline being thrown on fire--they inflamed him to press in until he got the key of healing for the nations!

I read that John G. Lake was in a foreign country where a plague had broken out, and everyone around him was dying but him. They put John G. Lake's hand under a microscope and dropped a touch of this plague on his hand. As this plague touched his skin, they watched the plague die! Let the deaths around us spur us on to press in until we get what Jesus died to give us, because "by His stripes we were healed!"

Why some people die without being healed, only God knows. For sure, if they know Jesus or are small children then they are present with the Lord, totally healed forever! And we will see them again.

In this Bowl of Healing, I Saw an Anointing that Would Release Resurrection Power Upon the Earth!

This bowl that was about to tip over had Resurrection Life in it! I saw a key roll out of this bowl that would unlock the jaws of death and cancel funerals! I heard a strong angel in the heavenlies proclaiming, "They found it! They found the key to the miraculous! They didn't quit but persevered in the 'prayer of faith' beating all the odds against terminal sicknesses, diseases, and infirmities!"

I Think I Have Discovered What the Prayer of Faith Is...It Is When You Pray For Someone Else, When You Feel Like You Need Prayer Yourself!

I have prayed for the sick. When I had no feeling whatsoever while praying, I have seen more people healed. I think the real prayer of faith for the sick is when you don't even feel like praying, but you just do it anyway because Jesus said to. I am learning it's not the prayer of feeling that saves the sick, but it is the prayer of faith! There are divine times when we will be moved with compassion and strongly sense the Lord's presence as we pray. There are also times we are called to pray by faith, not by feeling. You have heard the saying..."When it's hard to pray, pray the hardest!"

Remember, you have healing in your hands because the Healer lives in you!

"Let's tip the bowl over!"


Bill Yount

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something Sweeter Than Chocolate Is Now Coming Forth Out Of Hershey, Pennsylvania. . . A Womb Of 'Healing And Cures' For The Nations Is Now Opening!

This new release bears the fruit of the 'Hershey
Womb of Healing' coming to pass.
Milton Hershey was a great man. Milton Hershey's wife Catherine couldn't have children, so they adopted four orphans. When Milton Hershey died, he left a large sum of money to orphanages.

Today, there are ten thousand acres of land near Hershey, PA, with 130 homes that house 8-10 children, and more homes are being built all the time. There are about twelve hundred students living there (orphans and underprivileged children). They have their own school (first grade through twelfth grade) and community. I once ministered at one of the homes, and two small children opened up the meeting by blowing shofars!

Catherine Hershey also had a muscular, progressively deteriorating disease that doctors were unable to diagnose. They said it would eventually take her life. This motivated Milton Hershey to have the best doctors available to Catherine, and later, funds to have a research hospital in Hershey. The Hershey Medical Center was started, with $50 million, that the Hershey Trust funds today.

Milton Hershey had a ticket to go on the Titanic, but at the last minute, his wife became ill, and he missed going on it. The Titanic went down, and his life was spared. God had his hand on this man. Milton got saved in later years.


I saw one of the greatest outpourings of healing being erected as a healing zone, invading and surrounding the community of Hershey, PA. I heard a strong angel decreeing: “And there shall be ‘drive thru’ healings taking place in this city and its surrounding borders!”


I heard the enemy complaining and regretting the days that the womb of Milton Hershey's wife could not conceive. "Now we have a 'womb of healing' opening up in this place, where multitudes will conceive their healing for the nations!" I heard the stronghold spirit over Hershey crying out to hell, "It's Hershey; we've got a problem!"

I saw the angels of orphans and underprivileged children standing before the face of the Father, bringing their cries of Abba, Father, and their tears for Daddy to come home to Hershey to be with them. I heard the Father dispatching something like a news alert back to these orphans and children, "I'll be there with bells on! I am coming to bless the day Milton Hershey blessed my orphaned, fatherless children. I am coming to bless the whole city, and beyond its borders! Its fame will go throughout the earth to break the orphan spirit off of nations in this last day, as I am turning the hearts of the children to their fathers and the hearts of the fathers to their children!"


I saw angels dropping cures of diseases into the Medical Hershey Center. Unknown sicknesses and diseases were being given names. And angels were dropping these names down, and cures were following behind them to be released to the world!


I heard the enemy proclaiming throughout all of hell: "We have been working over-time to stop those praying Christians and to bring division to those churches and families, but we have overlooked the power of the cries of the fatherless! Those cries were coming from outside of the church and ascending straight to the Throne of their real Father! And He's coming to Hershey with full force!"
Dear friends,

I was given this word concerning Hershey, PA in 2005. Two weeks ago in the Spirit I saw the healing mantle of Kathryn Kuhlman descending with its borders blowing across the city of Hershey, PA. A new book titled “Healing Prayer and Medical Care” has just been released by Abby Abildness. This book is about the way the Lord is impacting the medical environment in the Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA and how God intended healing to be. I believe this book will become a manual for other cities and nations to bring forth long awaited healings and miracles upon the earth.

Thank you for your prayers for our family and ministry.


Bill Yount

Friday, October 1, 2010

‘Angelic' Doctors And Nurses Are Being Released Upon The Earth This Hour… You May Want To Get A Second Opinion!

The nurse's name was Peggy. She came during many long nights to sing hymns to a dear friend of mine while he was in the hospital in critical condition. Later, he wanted to personally thank her for her encouragement and kindness. Upon asking the hospital staff and the other nurses on that floor, they responded, "Oh, she is that 'traveling' nurse. We don't know where she comes from or where she goes!"

Respiratory Angel

A dear friend of ours (named Rick) awhile back survived a brain aneurysm. While in the hospital, after being on a breathing tube for so long because of his critical condition, the hospital staff would not remove it. But something unusual happened. Rick's wife, Sharon, shared this story: "I don't know where this woman came from. I had never seen her before in all the months we were in that hospital. This nurse came in on a Sunday and came into Rick's room. She said, 'Honey, I am going to see if we can get this breathing tube out! I am going to do the best I can.' Everyone knew that only the doctor in charge could give permission to take the tube out, but the doctor couldn't be found anywhere. The nurse started checking Rick's numbers on the monitors and then said to Sharon, 'We're going to do it!' Sharon left the room immediately and went out in the hallway to pray in tongues because of this critical moment. After a while, the doctor came walking down the hall and saw Sharon. He stopped to encourage her by saying perhaps soon they could remove the breathing tube, but that they would have to put a tracheal tube in the place of it. The doctor knew nothing about the lady who had already removed the breathing tube!

The doctor went into Rick's room and came back out and said to Sharon, 'Well, he is doing wonderful!' Sharon said that this lady who she believed was a 'respiratory' angel met her in the hallway and hugged her saying, 'I am so glad everything is working out for you. My heart was so grieved for you. We had to do this!' Sharon said she never saw that lady again after that!"

  If You Have Been Given "NO HOPE"... I Suggest You Get A Second Opinion!
Many of you knew that my mother once received a doctor's report stating that she needed to have her foot amputated. They marked her leg, explained to her that she would get a nice artificial foot, and that she would get along fine with it. My mother prophesied to the doctor that she would take her foot to Heaven with her, and she never went back to see him again. The Lord divinely connected my mother with what we believe was an 'angelic' plastic surgeon ( an angel unaware ) in Pittsburgh, PA. The first thing this 'angelic' doctor told our family and my mother when he saw her foot were the most powerful words spoken to begin creating the miracle...."I believe there is hope!"

If you have been given "no hope", I suggest you pray and get a second opinion! After the surgery, the first words he spoke to my mother were, "Mrs. Yount, I believe when you go to Heaven you will be taking your foot with you!" It was a fight of faith for five long months, but my mother got home and began walking soon on her own! A few weeks later she was waiting for the taxi to come and take her down town to her family doctor for a checkup. The taxi was late so Mom got in her car and drove herself for the first time since she's been home. She even went shopping after the doctor's office! She told us later that at the last checkup with the angelic doctor in Pittsburgh that he said she would be driving soon! So she did! Faith seemed to come out of this doctor's mouth during checkups!

Pray For All Doctors And Nurses--For God's Wisdom And Cures To Increase Through Them!

I thank God for doctors and nurses. If it wasn't for their dedicated lives, many of us would not be here. God does use them. I believe the Lord is beginning to drop ideas into the minds of many doctors for breakthroughs in medicine, healthy foods and cures for many diseases in this hour! I believe some doctors will be mentored by 'angelic' specialists whom God is releasing upon the earth this hour!


As the Body of Christ comes more and more into unity I believe sickness and infirmities will become a rarity. For where unity is, the Lord commands the blessing of life evermore! Psalm 133:3. Healing will become common and contagious, spreading from one healed person to another. Healing will run in families, through churches, and into the streets through our shadows! I believe healing will literally begin to attack our bodies! Unity in the Body of Christ will become a matter of life and death.

The Great Physician is now intermingling with doctors, hospitals, and medicines; and He is making personal house calls! Of course, always call on the Great Physician first, and trust Him to heal you. He alone is still able to heal all of our diseases and infirmities. If He chooses to use doctors and nurses for your healing, pray for a divine connection with the ones that He chooses. And of course pray against any side effects of the medication that you may have to take until your healing is manifested.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support that keeps us moving forward into the harvest fields. Please know that your gift is tax deductible being made out to Blowing the Shofar Ministry. We love and appreciate you all.


Bill & Dagmar Yount
132 East North Ave. Hagerstown, MD 21740

Thursday, September 16, 2010

God Opens The Door To Mercy Hospital In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA
Dear friends,

I want to share with you what your prayers do for me and my ministry.

Last weekend I ministered at a church in Pittsburgh, PA. for two nights. One block away was Mercy Hospital where I was healed of a brain tumor when I was seven years old. My tumor surgery had to be cancelled. Someone shared with me before I left home that I should go to that hospital and pray for people since I would be that close to it. To be honest I didn't think much about it because of my busy schedule and the heavy rush hour traffic that I would confront driving into Pittsburgh an hour away from my mother's home in Ford City, PA. Also I was told by the pastor that coming down into Pittsburgh on Saturday evening I should leave extra early because of a sell out crowd of twenty thousand people coming to hear Chris Tomlin, a well known Christian singer, at the Convention Center just two blocks away from our service that evening.


To my surprise late Saturday afternoon there was hardly any traffic at all as I drove into Pittsburgh. While passing the Convention Center I saw that the huge parking lot was already filled up with cars. There was such a scare of a mass traffic jam that evening in Pittsburgh that everyone seemed to come in the early afternoon to make sure they got a parking place for that concert that evening. As I drove onto the church parking lot at 4:30 in the afternoon I realized I had two and a half hours with nothing to do. Getting out of my car I saw the huge Mercy Hospital looming before me reaching to the sky one block away. That's when I remembered the words someone spoke to me about going to that hospital to pray for people. Upon entering the hospital I said, "Lord, I am going to need favor for I don't know anybody here and they don't know me. And I would probably have to be on a person's visiting list to get into pray for anyone." The Lord whispered to me as I walked down the hospital hallway. "This is what it is like to walk in the Spirit! You know nobody and nobody knows you but you must trust Me."


As I found the information desk, I briefly shared with the woman my testimony of being healed of a brain tumor in this hospital when I was seven and was wondering if I could possibly pray for people who had similar physical problems. The woman said. "I don't think that would be possible without being on the patient's visiting list..but you could go to the sixth floor where the brain injuries are and talk to the head nurse." As I took the elevator up, I asked the Lord again for favor. Upon meeting the head nurse I introduced myself and shared briefly about my healing in this hospital when I was seven years old. And since I was this close to the hospital since my evening meeting was just a block away, would it be possible for me to pray for people? My voice began to break while talking to her and I began to weep as the burden to pray for people came upon me. The head nurse responded, "Praise the Lord! The Lord brought you here! I am going to take you down the hall to a side room and I am going to ask people if they want you to pray for them." I then knew that this was a divine set up by the Lord.


As I waited, I thought to myself, if nobody comes for prayer at least I tried. Then down the hall came an old man in a wheel chair pushing himself towards me saying. "I could use some prayer!" And then an old woman being pushed by the head nurse came for prayer also. I shared about my miracle healing with them and prayed earnestly for God to heal them also. I then said to the head nurse. "I believe the Lord had you here for me to allow me to pray for these patients. May I pray for you also?" She said, "yes." As I prayed the Lord seemed to pray through me and He showed several specific things going on in her life that He was going to take care of. As I finished praying for her, she said to me. "Follow me, for I want you to pray for someone else now. She took me down to the nurses station to another nurse and said, "Pray for her." As I prayed, the Lord was showing me things about her life also of what she was going through and what God was going to do in her life. When I finshed praying, she said, "Tell me, how did you know these things about me? I cannot believe what you just prayed for me. This is blowing me away and I am not even a Christian or of any other religion!" I explained to her that it wasn't me but that I trust the Lord to lead me to know how to pray for people and that it is God who is making himself real to you. Jesus, God's Son, wants you to know how much He loves you and He wants to be real to you everyday of your life!" She just kept standing there asking me over and over, "How did you know those things about me?" By then the head nurse was bringing another nurse down the hall for me to pray for. The nurse I just prayed for told the head nurse.. "This prayer has blown me away!" The head nurse said, "That's what his prayer did for me also!"

As I prayed for this other nurse the Lord showed me huge drops of oil falling inside of her to heal her many wounds and hurts from the past. The Lord was closing the door of past hurts and was going to restore relationships in her family. Angels were sitting up camp round about her household. And that she once walked with God close in the past but now God was calling her back to Himself. When I finished she said, "This is exactly what I needed!"


When I had to leave for my meeting, the head nurse asked if I could come back again sometime as she handed me names of people to pray for. I now have an open door to that hospital. I want to let you know that it is because of your prayers for me and my family and ministry that the impossible things like this takes place. I want to encourage you also to begin to step out by faith and allow God to use you wherever you are and wherever you go. The harvest is truly ripe and people are waiting for us to come to them. These troubled times are causing their hearts to open up to the Lord.

Go ahead...step out by faith and watch God show up!


Bill Yount

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Saw Gold Pens Falling Out Of Heaven Onto The Earth!

St. John 21:25 "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen."

I saw Gold Pens falling out of Heaven onto the earth as though they were being thrown by the angels like javelins into the hands of unknown people. I saw these pens turning into spears and swords as they fell into these hands. As their fingers began to write; books, songs and poetry were becoming lethal weapons to war against the enemy!

Psalm 144:1 was being activated throughout the earth! "Blessed be the Lord my strength, who teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight!"

Huge Warehouses in Heaven
In the Spirit I saw huge warehouses in Heaven that appeared to be full of books, songs and poetry.
I noticed these books had no titles on their covers or any words written on their pages. These were wordless books, blank bundles of sheet music and empty pages of poetry stacked high to the ceiling. A sign was over the huge door that read. . . ."Stationery to be released and published in the last final hour upon the earth." I heard the Father give a command to the angels. "Empty those warehouses and deliver it to the earth! There are books yet to be written, new songs yet to be sung, poetry yet to be recited that will woo hearts back to Me!"

“Drop the pens down first and empty those warehouses!"
I heard the Father say. "I'm releasing a "scribe anointing" upon the earth!"

In the Spirit I saw as though the Grand Canyon itself was becoming one of the many distribution centers filling up like a huge library in the earth filled with testimonies, books, songs, and poems. Then angels would swoop down and carry these writings to God given destinations; to saints and sinners in many parts of the earth! I saw the seas and waters of the earth being covered with writings and literature floating upon them. The Glory of God upon these waters from the writings would actually change water currents and carry them to places where man was unable to go!
I sense the Lord Himself was going into marketing His material that He was releasing to the earth into hands that were being inspired to write by the Holy Spirit. I sensed the Father had great desire to literally fill the earth to let the whole world know what great things He hath done for His people.

"The Lord sent His word and great was the company of those who published it!"

Is there a book in you? A song stirring in your heart? Poetry that keeps coming to the surface?

Perhaps the Lord is calling you this hour to pick your pen up!

Bill Yount

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Walking with the Lord for about thirty five years I have discovered something. There's a whole lot of living between miracles. There's a whole lot of living between healings. There's a whole lot of living between personal prophetic words! If we are going to see them fulfilled God's way in our lives I believe we must learn to live between these supernatural events.

Robert Chase Perrow & Shayne Axel Byler
(Our Grandchildren)
I have discovered something else. There's a whole lot of living 'after' a miracle. There's a whole lot of living 'after' a healing. There's a whole lot of living 'after' a personal prophetic word!

I often share about my mother's healings and miracles she has experienced time and again throughout her eighty-five years of life. I sometimes forget myself how long she has waited between the healings and miracles she has received through faith and patience. Keep her in prayer. She is believing for another one right now. The trouble with a miracle is that you don't get one unless you really need one!

Both of our daughters had our first grandchildren in May seventeen days apart. They both shared that there was a moment during their labor that they thought for sure they were going to die. Then the very next moment they saw their miracle of new birth. They can both tell you that there was a whole lot of living in those long nine months before that miracle took place. And a whole lot of living to be done after their miracle arrived. For with their miracle came changing diapers, sleepless nights and no longer living for themselves. There is a popular song out titled, "A Baby Changes Everything!" I believe a miracle, a healing or a true prophetic word from the Lord will change everything about our lives to no longer live for ourselves but for the Lord.


I sense we miss many times that still small voice that is drowned out by our excitement when God touches us. "By the way, I would like you to change some things in your life so you can keep your healing and miracle and to become more like Me." When we recieve a true prophetic word from the Lord I believe it will be awhile before we are ready for another one. There will be homework to do and some tests to take. "Until the word of the Lord came to Joseph, the word of the Lord tried him." Psalm 105:19. With Joseph's prophetic dream came alot of homework. His first assignment was how to handle being betrayed and thrown into a pit. His mid term test was 'how fast can you run from Potopher's wife?" After being falsely accused, his final exam was taken in prison. It took him many long years to finish it. One final question for extra credit was, 'how do you handle being overlooked when you help someone else get promoted to freedom?" After living out the right answer for two more years he received his diploma and graduated to the palace!


That is it! That is the real miracle and healing that He is working on for our lives with the backdrop of eternity in view. And sometimes God will forgo some healings, miracles and answered prayers to get us to that place where we cry out..."I surrender all! I just want you!" With more of Jesus in our lives our eyes are going to be opened more and more to behold the supernatural and the miraculous in the ordinary and practical things of daily living. If your heart is beating, that is a miracle! If you can see, that is a miracle! If you can breathe that is a miracle! Let's not miss God in the ordinary miracles that we take for granted every day. There's a whole lot of living going on!

Thank you for standing with us in these times of shaking. Your love and prayers keep us going forward as the Lord keeps opening doors for us. We continue to trust the Lord to meet the needs for our family and ministry. We pray you also will find God in your everyday life as He comes to where you are. Even the unpleasant things that you experience is not being wasted. It's that stuff of life that becomes the fertilizer for the supernatural to take place. Remember, Jesus used mud to heal the blind man. Naaman came up a muddy healed man out of the Jordan River. Jesus can use the mud in our lives for the supernatural to take place!

Don't miss out on life today!

Bill, Dagmar, & Joel Yount

Monday, July 26, 2010

An Urgent Macedonian Call to the Mission Fields is Ringing: "Come Over and Help Us!"

"Say not ye, 'There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest'? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest."—John 4:35 It sounds like this call has been ringing for two thousand years! The harvest fields have always been ripe, but the laborers have been few...up until now!

This Macedonian Call Knows No Age Limit!

I saw a long line of "called out" people standing at a ticket counter to purchase a ticket to where God was calling them to go. This call knew no age limit. There were youth, older people and whole families with children leaving everything they had known, selling their homes and extra cars and taking their money (the Lord's money) out of the banks and heading for mission fields all over the world.

Luke 9:3 was being activated: "Take nothing for your journey..." This vision appeared to be like a "Mass Exodus" to a land where God was calling them to go. I heard the voice of the Lord whispering to many, "Make that a 'one way' ticket!"

Some were standing in line by faith, trusting the Lord up to the last minute for the finances needed to purchase their plane ticket. Supernaturally, provision was taking place as they stood in faith. Some were being told as they approached the ticket counter that their ticket had already been purchased by someone anonymous! Others were finding extra money that was not there a minute ago in their wallets and purses! Some ticket personnel were receiving breaking news that flight prices just dropped with enormous discounts. God was showing up for these called out ones, driving out any last-minute doubts that they had while standing on His promises to provide.

With this Call "Rocking" Chairs Were Turning into "Rocket" Chairs!

"With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding."—Job 12:12

The excitement and anointing of this Macedonian call was pushing back the barrier of sickness, disease, infirmities, finances and the age barrier of the older as the joy of the Lord was commanding strength and extending life to 120 years for the future of many who were being called! Many would actually be healed on the mission field!

Many were discovering that when they made out their wills they hadn't planned on living long enough. God had plans that required people to be on earth longer! Many were hearing His promise: "You shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord!" (see Psalm 118:17). Others were standing, believing, "With long life I will satisfy you and show you My salvation!" (see Psalm 91:16). Their years of wisdom were needed.

Some older faces began looking younger the moment they got their tickets, as a "re-firing" was coming upon the "re-tiring"! Some waiting in line in wheelchairs were able to stand up by the time they got their tickets!

When it Comes to Love You Don't Count the Cost!

Those being called and sent never looked back. They just kissed their loved ones goodbye and stepped onto the plane or ship. They knew this world was not their home and that they would meet again on that shore where all things are new! Angels were gathered also to go with those who had burned their bridges behind them and laid down their nets to follow Jesus wherever He was leading.

Some would be called to return to ignite their nation on fire with testimonies of resurrections from the dead, miraculous healings and multitudes finding Christ. Some would return with new family members as orphans filled the arms of many mothers and fathers.

"And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; there stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, 'Come over into Macedonia, and help us.'"—Acts 16:9

I heard people dying and orphans crying, "Come over and help us!" These ones needed more than just money and food. They needed a touch from someone who had God inside of them. Many were dying and starving, not just from a lack of food, but a lack of love. Their spirit seemed to cry out, "Touch me! Hold me!"

Psalm 68:6 says, "God setteth the solitary in families." And yes, many would stay until Jesus would return or call them to their mansion in glory where, sooner or later, they would hear from those whose lives they touched, "Thank you! I am a life that was changed! You touched me!"

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."—Mark 12:31

I heard neighbors crying out, "Come over and help me!" Yes, our neighborhood may be the most neglected mission field. Every one of us was being called to go far or near. A soul is a soul to God no matter where they live. You will know where to go as this Macedonian call keeps ringing. Can you hear it?

"And (Jesus) said unto them, 'Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.'"—Mark 16:15


Bill Yount

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As Cal Ripken stood up to the plate his first time at bat in his final All Star Game, he blasted his first pitch over the left field wall. On the heels of announcing his retirement, Cal Ripken broke the record to become the oldest player to hit a home-run in an All Star Game. He was named MVP "MOST VALUABLE PLAYER" in his final All-Star appearance.

As history was made that night I sensed the Lord saying, "The older Stars in My Kingdom are going to shine brighter and do greater exploits than ever before!" I sense there is a special anointing coming upon older men and women in the Body of Christ. God is not through using you. Your age is not against you, it is for you. Job 12:12 "With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding." You have more wisdom now than ever. With years comes understanding.

This anointing is going to cause you to live longer. Many of you have not planned to live long enough! It will be an anointing similar to Caleb when he reached eighty-five years. He said to the Lord, "I am as strong now as when I was at forty and I want to take another mountain!" There is coming a "spiritual fountain of youth" into your midst. A renewing, a release of God's strength. Psalm 68:28 "Thy God hath commanded thy strength." God is commanding His Strength into you! One translation says, “Your God has decided you will be strong!”


Many of you are going to have to live longer because God is not through using you. Many of you are going to go into a second "childhood" in the Spirit. You will be re-activated by God to live out your dreams that you are just dreaming about right now. People and relatives will laugh and say, "You are going to do what? You are going to go where? At your age?" But that anointing is going to rise up within you to take mountains, to do exploits, to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint.

Our older years are when we are in our prime to be used and bring forth fruit. Psalm 91:16 says, "With LONG life will I satisfy you and show you My Salvation." There is an anointing coming upon God's people to live longer. The joy of the Lord which is our strength is lengthening our days upon the earth.


Many have made out their wills, but before you think about leaving, check out your Father's will for you. I don't think you are going anywhere for a while! As Abraham and Sarah conceived in old age, you are about to conceive and live to see your Isaac…your impossible dream!


Bill Yount

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hebrews 3:6 "But Christ, as a son, over His own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end."

Many have said, "Oh, how I miss the good old days. What happened to them? Can we ever get them back? When the power of God was so strong that alcoholics and drug addicts came staggering into meetings and were instantly delivered, never to go back to their sin and bondage.
Recently, I was ministering in a church in Pennsylvania. The week before this meeting the congregation had gone into the community praying over it and talking to people. During the worship I saw the presence of the Lord being established as a zone going out from that congregation into the community. I saw this zone begin to cover the highway that ran past the church. I began to see drive by healings and deliverances taking place. In the Spirit I saw a car drive by and a wife turning to her husband saying, "What was that? I just felt something leave my body!"

At the end of the service we were praying for healing for people at the alter. A man came staggering up the aisle to the alter and began to tell us something. He said, "Ten minutes ago I was in a bar drinking. I left that bar and was walking down the highway past your church. Something told me to walk over to your building. I have been watching you all through the windows. Tell me something, "What made me come through those doors? What made me come through those doors?" He kept repeating his question over and over to us. "What made me come through those doors? What was it?" We began to tell him that the Lord had drawn him into this building by His Spirit. The Holy Spirit was revealing Himself to him in spite of the alcohol that had him bound. The Holy Spirit had invaded that bar and was touching people inside of it. Within minutes this man was kneeling and crying out to the Lord to save him and to change his life. A seven year old boy then put his hand on the man's shoulder and asked him a question. "Mister, can I pray for you to receive the Holy Spirit?" I asked the pastor beside me if that was his little boy. He said, "No, we train all of our children to minister like this." I could see then why a zone of God's presence was being established so strong in that place affecting that community.

  We must remember that our church buildings are not really God's house...we are! The reason our church buildings become special to us is because we gather corporately to worship Him and He comes into our midst. Again I sense the Lord saying, "As in the days of old, I am returning to My house! Remember the former days and consider the things of old, for many of those 'good old days' are returning to My house! This house will be filled again as years gone by. Seats will begin to fill up as in the days of old. Balconies in churches will have to be used again. The favor of God and man will become so strong on congregations that public officials and communities will start asking to use church buildings for their meetings and events! The economy will be used as a leverage to unlock church doors for this. These public gatherings will eventually come under the influence of the residue of God's presence in these church buildings. I can honestly say that our church building where I attend is being used more by our community than ourselves. It's like we have given our building away to be used to bless our city. It is time that our church buildings being used only a few hours a week start being used twenty-four seven!


It's interesting that one of the meanings of the word 'dedicate' means 'to open ( e.g., a building ) to public use.' I sense the Lord is calling us to rededicate our lives, possessions and buildings for public use. Let's go public!


Bill Yount

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Dear friends,

Both of our daughters are expecting our very first grandchildren within a month apart! I believe this is God's way of giving us another chance at loving children with His love and wisdom. Naomi is due on May 18th and Danielle is due on June 10th. Both are expecting boys!


I believe our daughters are a prophetic sign to the Body of Christ that God has been watching over your seed and your seed's seed (your children and grandchildren and those yet to be born.) God is awakening the seeds that have been planted in your own family and they are beginning to sprout and bring forth God's purposes and plans. The Lord knows the trouble that many families are facing right now. God sees it all. I believe I heard the Lord say, "I am going to give you 'double' for your trouble!" The seeds that God has planted through our lives throughout our life time are beginning to germinate and come to birth. Nothing has been in vain. God doesn't waste anything in our lives. God has been using our tears through the years to water those seeds. And our troubles are about to bless us, giving us a 'double' portion to bring glory to His name!

I believe this year will be a year of record breaking germination taking place in the wombs of many women....even a year of surprise babies! A year of 'double' for your 'trouble'!

Photos taken by Rodney Cool of Aesthetic Life Studio.

Thank God for kids,

Bill Yount

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Numbers 13:20 "And be ye of good courage and bring of the fruit of the land. Now the time was the time of the first ripe grapes."

It's interesting that the spies were sent in to spy out the Promised Land when the first grapes of the season were ripe. I sense the Lord wanted all twelve spies to focus on the fruit of that land and not the giants. I am sure Joshua and Caleb kept hearing how big the giants and walled up cities were from those ten spies while they were taking their tour. I believe Joshua and Caleb got to thinking, "If the giants are really that big, can you imagine how big that fruit must be?" Joshua and Caleb were obsessed, looking for the fruit of the land of promise. What we look for is what we will find. They came back with a cluster of grapes so big, it took two men to carry one cluster on a pole out of the valley of Eschol.


Psalm 27:13 "I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."


I noticed that Joshua and Caleb still stuck it out with that unbelieving bunch of "sour" grapes that eventually dried up in the wilderness and became raisins. God separated Joshua and Caleb from them, later in His timing, and they finally got to enter into their inheritance. But they hung in there, for they knew the key to get back into the Promised Land was to stay together and let the process prepare them for what was ahead.

Isaiah 65:8 "...as the new wine is found in the cluster, destroy it not; for a blessing is in it."

God has a corporate vision right now for His Kingdom in the earth, so we must be in a cluster of believers, and we must connect with churches, tribes, tongues, and nations--for God is too big for just our ministry, church, or home group. I sense that what God has in mind is beyond us. This new wine cannot be made from just one grape--one ministry, one church, or one vision. Without connecting to the cluster, your life and ministry is bound to dry up.


I saw some pressure coming upon this huge cluster of grapes where you and I were placed by the hand of God. We first thought this pressure was coming from the enemy or other grapes in this cluster. But I clearly saw the hands of God begin to squeeze this cluster to make the best new wine that He was saving for this last, end-time, harvest revival.

You can always tell when God is about to make new wine from the cluster where you are placed...some grapes will begin to "wine."


As His hands continued to put pressure on us in this cluster, some grapes began to cry out, "Oh, God, I can't handle this bunch You put me with. Please get me out of here!" The Lord responded, "I will, My way, just hang in there!" As more pressure was put on this cluster, some grapes began to cry out. "Lord, I am not being appreciated here. These grapes around me seem to be hindering my gifting, calling, and dream You have given me. I seem to be losing my identity." The Lord says, "You are right on schedule. You have been too thin-skinned, and your brokenness is a must for what I am about to do. If you lose your life, you will find it in Me!" Most of the grapes in this cluster had no idea what God was really up to. More than our dreams, plans, and ministries, God seems to be after something more than we could understand. I think it is time we say to the grape next to us, "God is smarter than you and I!"


As the hand of God kept squeezing this cluster, many grapes were being broken to pieces. The tears, producing the juice of the grapes, dripped down from the cluster onto the earth, becoming the new wine for the great harvest of the nations.


Bill Yount

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Psalm 128:4 "As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. 5. ..."they ( the youth ) shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate."

I was sitting on the passenger side of our car as my son, eighteen years of age, was driving home from school. He was mentioning something about his small business of 'media promotions' when all of a sudden I experienced like a raging fire burning inside of me that I have never felt in my whole life. I said to the Lord, "What is this fire that is burning me up on the inside as though it would consume me?" I sensed the Lord saying, "I am allowing you to feel your son's passion to promote businesses that is burning like a wild fire inside of his bones. He represents a generation who will be used like no other generation in the market places of the earth! My fire inside of this chosen generation is burning up every mold and every boundary of limitation that has been ingrained in them by this present world. I can only allow you to experience a small flickering of the flame of that fire, for any more would literally consume you!"


Psalm 119:98 "Lord, through thy commandments, you have made me wiser than my enemies: for they are ever with me. 99. "I have more understanding than all my teachers; for thy testimonies are my meditation." 100 "I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts."

I sensed the Lord saying, "My fire is burning up the molds of generational thought patterns that have told them, "you must do it this way or that way." I am going to use them in unusual, unique ways like no other generation. I will scatter them into the highways and byways and market places of the earth. I will give them wisdom and knowledge beyond the elite of this present age. I will use them to break open the fountain of wisdom of witty inventions and things not yet created. Some will begin to lead leaders of this present generation at a young age in the fields of technology and industry."


These young firebrands will seem to have the blood of both the young and older generation mixed in their DNA. Their zeal of child-like faith and simplicity will produce a re-firing in the older generation while their ancient wisdom will infuse spiritual stability and maturity into the younger generation. This will act as a cohesive agent igniting love and understanding, bringing both generations together in unity. This younger generation will begin to see visions of older people's dreams and will help their dreams come true.

Recently, my great nephew who is twenty-one, went with me on a ministry trip to two churches. I thought I would let him get his feet wet since he has never shared his testimony out side of the little church he attends. As he stood up and began to share a five minute testimony, his countenance shone as the glory of the Lord came upon him. He shared how he had been raised in a terrible disfunctional family, yet influenced by praying grandparents. God had kept him and used the brokeness and struggles he endured to create the fire of God he now carried. An anointing of deliverance fell like lightning upon the people, breaking whole families free from their bondages and prisons. It seemed that that whole church had families who were struggling with loved ones in bondage to sin. Since my nephew was an overcomer, his prayer carried the key of God's power to unlock the prison doors for many of those families, setting them free.


Don't expect your children and grandchildren to be used the way God has used you. There is already one of you. The Lord loves variety. Many children right now are not even aware of the call of God on their lives. But as they follow their burning passion that God has placed inside of them they will discover God and His favor upon them. Many will be catapulted into renowned, strategic positions to take dominion over the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our God. Release your children and let them go free!

Bill Yount

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Diamonds in the 'Rough' are Rising in Demand in the Jewelry Market and in God's Kingdom!"

2 Corinthians 4:7, "If you only look at us, you might well miss the brightness. We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives. That's to prevent anyone from confusing God's incomparable power with us. As it is, there's not much chance of that. You know for yourselves that we're not much to look at..." ( Passage taken from The Message Bible.)


I read an article published on July 28, 2007, by The Wall Street Journal with the title, "'Rough' diamonds -- some looking more like gravel than gems -- edge into the jewelry market." Here are some excerpts taken from that article, "A new look in diamond jewelry is on the rise...Known as rough diamonds, these are the stones in their natural state, before they've been cut with the facets that give diamonds the sparkle, brilliance and clarity they are known for...Luxury consumers are maturing "beyond the 'look at me' phase."

 As I read this article, I sensed the Father saying:

"I'll buy that! This is what is happening in My Kingdom this hour concerning My treasures, diamonds and jewels. My people have been so busy trying to get the world to see My glory, My light and My brilliance. And they have been afraid that their 'earthen' vessel would hinder the world from seeing Me."

"But the world is now desiring to see 'spiritual' diamonds in the rough in My people who have some 'earth' in them, so they can relate to someone who doesn't have it altogether and probably never will. Yet, they can see something shining forth in these lives in spite of their imperfections. The 'earthiness' of My vessels does not take away from My glory, but actually enhances it to shine all the more brighter."

It is Christ in us Who is the Hope of glory! Colossians 1:27, "To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the Hope of glory."

Matthew 6:10,

 "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven."  I sense God is looking for some "earth" to manifest His Kingdom in. I sense He is calling His earthen vessels, "diamonds in the rough" to come forth, willing to be real and transparent to this lost world while the Lord patiently works in our lives, changing us from glory to glory. If God saved you and me, He can save anybody!


"Some of My people have hindered My glory from moving throughout the earth. They have become enamored with perfection, waiting to be cut just perfectly before they think the world will see Me in them. Many of My people like diamonds are waiting to be cut and polished until no earthly resemblance is left in them. Many then get stranded inside of My house thinking if they go into the world, something earthly could stain and cause My shine to fade."

"But now, I am releasing My glory into the earth as I release My diamonds in the rough. Many of these vessels who seem more 'earthy' than others will begin to shine even brighter as My glory pierces through these cracked and seemingly broken vessels. The defects in some earthen vessels will actually give way to more of My glory shining through them."

The most valuable fine cut diamonds in the world can only be seen in museums under lock and key. They can never be touched by human hands. Diamonds in the "rough" can turn up anywhere and can be touched by anyone. Be careful who you think has a lot of earth left in them after they are saved...there may be a larger diamond under all that earth!

2 Corinthians 4:7,

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us."

Dear friends,

I believe this year is going to be a year of the Lord restoring things that we have given up hope on and said...."Well, we accept it now that it will never happen." God has been watching over some things that we thought He was finished with and we thought God said, "No" to. But He is going to restore many of those things and we are in for a year of surprises.

We love you all,

Bill Yount

Friday, February 26, 2010



It was late and I was tired, wanting to go to sleep, but God wanted to talk. It was about midnight, but it dawned on me that God does not sleep. His question made me restless. "Bill, where on earth does man keep his most priceless treasures and valuables?" I said, "Lord, usually these treasures like gold, silver, diamonds and precious jewels are kept locked up somewhere out of sight with usually guards and security to keep them under lock and key."

God spoke. "Like man, My most valuable treasures on earth are also locked up."


I then saw Jesus standing in front of seemingly thousands of prisons and jails. The Lord said, "These have almost been destroyed by the enemy, but these ones have the greatest potential to be used and to bring forth glory to my name. Tell My people, I am going this hour to the prisons to activate the gifts and callings that lie dormant in these lives that were given before the foundation of the earth. Out from these walls will come forth an Army of spiritual giants. They will have power to literally kick down the gates of Hell and overcome satanic powers that are holding many of My own people bound in My own house.


Tell my people that great treasure is behind these walls in these forgotten vessels. My people must come forth and touch these ones, for a mighty anointing will be unleashed upon these for future victory in My kingdom. "THEY MUST BE RESTORED." I then saw the Lord step up to the prison doors with a key. One key fit every lock and the gates began to open. I then heard and saw great explosions which sounded like dynamite going off behind the walls. It sounded like all-out spiritual warfare. Jesus turned and said, "Tell My people to go in now and pick up the spoil and rescue these." Jesus then began walking in and touching inmates who were thronging Him. Many being touched instantly began to have a golden glow come over them. God spoke to me, "THERE'S THE GOLD!" Others had a silver glow around them. God said, "THERE'S THE SILVER!"


Like slow motion they began to grow into what appeared to be giant knights in armor-like warriors. They had on the entire armor of God and every piece was solid and pure gold! Even golden shields! When I saw the golden shields, I heard the Lord say to these warriors: "Now go and take what Satan has taught you and use it all against him. Go and pull down the strongholds coming against My church." These spiritual giants then started stepping over the prison walls with no one to resist them, and they went immediately to the very front line of the battle with the enemy. I saw them walk right past the church as big-name ministers known for their power with God were surpassed by these unknown warriors like David going after Goliath! They crossed the enemy's line and started delivering many of God's people from the clutches of Satan while demons trembled and fled out of sight at their presence.


No one, not even the church, seemed to know who these spiritual giants were or where they came from. All you could see was the armor, the golden armor of God, from head to foot, and the shields of gold were there. The shields were restored to God's House and there was great victory and rejoicing. I also saw silver, precious treasures, and vessels being brought in. Beneath the gold and silver were the people that nobody knew: REJECTS OF SOCIETY, STREET PEOPLE, THE OUTCASTS, THE POOR and the DESPISED. These were the treasures that were missing from God's House.

In closing the Lord said, "If my people want to know where they are needed, tell them they are needed in the STREETS, the HOSPITALS, the MISSIONS, and PRISONS. When they come there they will find Me and the next move of my Spirit and they will be judged by My word in Matthew 25:42. "For I was hungry and you gave me no meat: I was thirsty and you gave me no drink: I was a stranger and you took me not in: naked and you clothed me not: Sick and in prison and you visited me not."

Dear friends,

This vision was given to me 20 years ago and I see it unfolding more every year. So many prisoners have shared that this vision has changed their lives as they read it. No wonder the enemy has tried hard to destroy them because of the great call of God upon their lives. Below is a letter I received from an inmate just a day before this vision is being posted.

Dear Mount Hope Prison Ministry,

"I am writing concerning the message I read by Bill Yount a couple of times since I first came into prison in 2005. For many years I would read it and God would speak to my spirit and say, "that is going to be you." For many years I believed it but did not put it into practice. But I have reached a point in my life that I see it clear. So clear that there is a fire in my bones that is helping me to step out for God. I am preparing my self so that God can use me fully and effectively. I am writing to let you know God is doing a great thing behind these bars. So great that it is gonna blow the minds of those behind bars and those out in this world. May you receive this and know that God is gonna fulfill this word of prophecy. Thank you for taking the time to read this."


Mount Hope Prison Ministry sends out Bible Studies to prisoners in every state of the nation. Prisoners can request Bible Studies from Mount Hope Prison Ministry, PO Box 1511, Hagerstown, Maryland 21741


Bill Yount

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"I Saw 'Angelic Beachcombers' Storming the Beaches...Digging Up Wedding Rings, Coins From the Mouths of Fishes, And Jonahs Who Still Had the Call of God on Them!"

They appeared to be angelic beings with metal detectors searching for treasure on the beaches of the earth. What seemed to be washed up upon the shores of life through storms and spiritual shipwrecks, disregarded by many, were now in great demand in Heaven. Much treasure was buried in the sands of beaches upon the earth. As angels began to dig deeper in the sand, an outline began to form of what appeared to be a large treasure; a form in the image and likeness of God appeared just beneath the sand - a human being! Angels began reporting to Heaven that many who were made in the very image of God had actually buried themselves and had died spiritually trying to find rest and relaxation in the pleasures of the shifting and the quick sands of life. But Jesus now appeared walking on the waters along these shorelines of the nations. The waters were being anointed.

"Kings and Queens of the Earth Were Meant to Live in Castles. Return to Me!"

As these 'angelic beachcombers' continued to dig many of these lost treasures free, the grains of sands beneath them began to cry out the sweetest word ever heard upon the earth..."Repent!"

The grains of sand seemed to speak this word with so much love, like no human voice had ever spoken to these treasures before. In fact, one angel wrote with his finger across the beaches the word "repent," and then built a heart shaped sandcastle around it as Heaven proclaimed..."Kings and queens of the earth were meant to live in castles. Return to Me!"

True 'R & R' was coming to these worn, broken lives as they began being kissed by the 'Sun of Righteousness' rising upon them with healing in His wings! Sweet 'Repentance and Restoration' was invading the beaches and shorelines of nations! Lost wedding rings were being restored to fingers! Great financial needs began to be met supernaturally from the mouth of a fish! Jonahs began to get up one more time from when they had fallen down and began to shake the sandman from their sleep!

"Comb the Beaches, Mountains, Valleys, Cities...and My Own House"

I then heard the Father commanding these 'angelic beachcombers,' "Begin on the beaches of the earth and then begin to move inland, combing the mountains and the valleys, the cities...and don't miss combing through My own House to search and bring forth many of My treasures who have buried themselves in their own 'church traditions' and are locked up inside those 'church walls.' Compel them to go out 'now' into the highways, the byways, the cities, and the beaches and pick up the spoil that lies waiting."

"I'll see you at the beach..."


Bill Yount

Sunday, February 14, 2010


John 12:24 "Verily, Verily, I say unto you except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies it will bring forth much fruit."

To germinate means 'to begin to or cause to grow, or sprout.


In the Spirit I am hearing a sound I have never heard before. It's a sound from seeds that God had planted through us that have died inside the stony hearts of many people. There had been a long season when these seeds were not heard from at all. They were silenced by death. But in spite of death these seeds now were beginning to groan as though death itself could not keep them any longer. The very life of Christ within these seeds was now beginning to overcome death and I saw a sprouting taking place that seemed to begin to shake the gates of hell off of its hinges! It's as though these seeds were shouting, "Our season of death is over! Hallelujah, we are now coming alive!" Seeds that had died with unfulfilled dreams of God inside of them were now beginning to come alive worshiping their Creator as they were beginning to sprout, bringing forth 'fields of dreams' coming true!

Seeds that were planted many years ago up to this present day were beginning to germinate. Seeds we had sown of the word of God, acts of kindness and even smiles were bringing in a harvest as germination was taking place inside of many of whom we had forgotten about and given up hope for.


Ecclesiastes 11:4-6 "He that observes the wind shall not sow and he that regards the clouds shall not reap. 5. As thou knowest not what is the way of the Spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child; even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all. 6. In the morning sow thy seed and in the evening withhold not thine hand; for thou knowest not which shall prosper either this or that or whether they shall be alike good."

Both of our daughters are expecting our first grandchildren a month apart this year. Both are having boys! We have been saturated with sonograms. Sonograms are amazing to look at. You begin by seeing something so small at first and then the little members of the body begin to grow. We can't figure out how that happens but it's the seed that makes it all happen! I believe this year will be a year of record breaking germination taking place in the wombs of many women....even a year of surprise babies!


When a seed falls into the ground and dies it looks different as it begins to sprout and surface. Many ministries, jobs and dreams that have seemingly been terminated will begin to germinate and spring forth suddenly appearing different with new dimensions this coming year. The enemy is not cutting anything away from you but God is pruning us all to look to Him for everything. Don't focus on your dead dream, dead job or dead ministry...listen to that seed that is now groaning to come forth in newness of life. Some jobs that have been terminated in one place will germinate in another place. Your gift will make room for you. Your gift has outgrown the room you were in! You will now need a larger room for your gift. The place where you get pregnant with God's dream is not always the same place where you give birth to it.


Many seeds that have been planted inside of us by the Holy Spirit and have seemingly died forever are now beginning to make a noise and groan. Even things that we 'thought' God told us that that is over.. isn't. Twenty-five years ago I had co-written a song with a brother that was recorded by several people and blessed many. After several years the song seemed to have finished it's course of being heard. Once in a while I would type in the name of the song to see if it's season was really over. I became convinced that the song had a certain season and that was it. Just two months ago I typed in the name of the song on i-tunes store and up came that song "It's all taken care of, thanks to you." just recorded by Claudelle Clarke, the queen of Reggae Gospel Music from Jamaica who has been singing for forty years now.

I contacted her and since the publishing company I had signed with closed down fifteen years ago, she was unable to find the authors of the song.  Sometimes when our name is overlooked or forgotten, God often uses a seed we planted to cause others to reap blessings where they did not sow and to take it further than we ever could. 1 Corinthians 2:6 Paul says, "I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase."

Galations 6:9 "And let us not become weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not."

I am learning that it's when I feel like fainting that that is when I am actually doing well from God's point of view and that a seed that I have sown is beginning to groan and sprout somewhere in some place or in somebody or in some nation!

We love and appreciate you all,

Bill Yount