Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In All Things Behold The Blessings

Gabby Douglas who won gold for best gymnastics in the recent Olympics said in an interview. "Hard days are the best, because that's when champions are made. If you push through the hard days you can get through anything." She also shared when she looked up at the score board and saw her name in lights with the gold medal, it dawned on her that "all those days of practice when it was difficult and painful and I wanted to quit; it was worth it all."

The hardest days ahead will be our best days. It's what will make us champions and bring out God's almighty strength in us. We would have never heard of David, if there hadn't been a Goliath. We would never have heard of Moses, if there hadn't been a Pharoah. God uses the enemy in our lives to turn things around. The lion that came out against Samson only brought out God's anointing in him. He didn't know what was in him until the lion came against him. The lion brought it out of him. He later ate honey out of that lion's belly. Glory! These saints discovered that their enemies and trials came with upgrade attachments.

A Champion's Medals Are His Scars

I have never seen a champion bull rider leave the arena without his face in the dirt, a limp, or wounded in some way. In spite of the glory of the moment every bone in his body cries out with pain and he often requires assistance to get away from the bull and out of the arena.

When you see someone being used by the Lord and you think they are a champion in the Spirit, you don't know the pain that comes with overcoming their enemy. You can spot true champions from the false. They walk with a limp, and if you look real close, they will have a tear running down their championship face. And to your surprise, they are not confident after all, as their security has just been shaken at the very core of their being at the height of their success. I am learning not be jealous of anyone who seems to be strongly anointed and being used by the Lord. I don't know how deep the scars go that brought them to this place or the suffering their anointing will cost them in the days ahead.


God's Delays Are His Appointments

Waiting to become the next king of Israel while stuck with those few sheep probably caused David great frustration at times. The key to David's kingship was and still is, "Don't focus on what you are waiting for. Focus on the blessing right where you're at." What the Lord wanted to convey to David as well as us today is..."There's a bear coming to give you an upgrade in the Spirit! And the lion rug you always wanted on the floor of your tent is in the mail. If you miss Me in the waiting, you will miss what you are waiting for!"

 In all things behold the blessings.

Bill Yount