Friday, February 26, 2010



It was late and I was tired, wanting to go to sleep, but God wanted to talk. It was about midnight, but it dawned on me that God does not sleep. His question made me restless. "Bill, where on earth does man keep his most priceless treasures and valuables?" I said, "Lord, usually these treasures like gold, silver, diamonds and precious jewels are kept locked up somewhere out of sight with usually guards and security to keep them under lock and key."

God spoke. "Like man, My most valuable treasures on earth are also locked up."


I then saw Jesus standing in front of seemingly thousands of prisons and jails. The Lord said, "These have almost been destroyed by the enemy, but these ones have the greatest potential to be used and to bring forth glory to my name. Tell My people, I am going this hour to the prisons to activate the gifts and callings that lie dormant in these lives that were given before the foundation of the earth. Out from these walls will come forth an Army of spiritual giants. They will have power to literally kick down the gates of Hell and overcome satanic powers that are holding many of My own people bound in My own house.


Tell my people that great treasure is behind these walls in these forgotten vessels. My people must come forth and touch these ones, for a mighty anointing will be unleashed upon these for future victory in My kingdom. "THEY MUST BE RESTORED." I then saw the Lord step up to the prison doors with a key. One key fit every lock and the gates began to open. I then heard and saw great explosions which sounded like dynamite going off behind the walls. It sounded like all-out spiritual warfare. Jesus turned and said, "Tell My people to go in now and pick up the spoil and rescue these." Jesus then began walking in and touching inmates who were thronging Him. Many being touched instantly began to have a golden glow come over them. God spoke to me, "THERE'S THE GOLD!" Others had a silver glow around them. God said, "THERE'S THE SILVER!"


Like slow motion they began to grow into what appeared to be giant knights in armor-like warriors. They had on the entire armor of God and every piece was solid and pure gold! Even golden shields! When I saw the golden shields, I heard the Lord say to these warriors: "Now go and take what Satan has taught you and use it all against him. Go and pull down the strongholds coming against My church." These spiritual giants then started stepping over the prison walls with no one to resist them, and they went immediately to the very front line of the battle with the enemy. I saw them walk right past the church as big-name ministers known for their power with God were surpassed by these unknown warriors like David going after Goliath! They crossed the enemy's line and started delivering many of God's people from the clutches of Satan while demons trembled and fled out of sight at their presence.


No one, not even the church, seemed to know who these spiritual giants were or where they came from. All you could see was the armor, the golden armor of God, from head to foot, and the shields of gold were there. The shields were restored to God's House and there was great victory and rejoicing. I also saw silver, precious treasures, and vessels being brought in. Beneath the gold and silver were the people that nobody knew: REJECTS OF SOCIETY, STREET PEOPLE, THE OUTCASTS, THE POOR and the DESPISED. These were the treasures that were missing from God's House.

In closing the Lord said, "If my people want to know where they are needed, tell them they are needed in the STREETS, the HOSPITALS, the MISSIONS, and PRISONS. When they come there they will find Me and the next move of my Spirit and they will be judged by My word in Matthew 25:42. "For I was hungry and you gave me no meat: I was thirsty and you gave me no drink: I was a stranger and you took me not in: naked and you clothed me not: Sick and in prison and you visited me not."

Dear friends,

This vision was given to me 20 years ago and I see it unfolding more every year. So many prisoners have shared that this vision has changed their lives as they read it. No wonder the enemy has tried hard to destroy them because of the great call of God upon their lives. Below is a letter I received from an inmate just a day before this vision is being posted.

Dear Mount Hope Prison Ministry,

"I am writing concerning the message I read by Bill Yount a couple of times since I first came into prison in 2005. For many years I would read it and God would speak to my spirit and say, "that is going to be you." For many years I believed it but did not put it into practice. But I have reached a point in my life that I see it clear. So clear that there is a fire in my bones that is helping me to step out for God. I am preparing my self so that God can use me fully and effectively. I am writing to let you know God is doing a great thing behind these bars. So great that it is gonna blow the minds of those behind bars and those out in this world. May you receive this and know that God is gonna fulfill this word of prophecy. Thank you for taking the time to read this."


Mount Hope Prison Ministry sends out Bible Studies to prisoners in every state of the nation. Prisoners can request Bible Studies from Mount Hope Prison Ministry, PO Box 1511, Hagerstown, Maryland 21741


Bill Yount

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"I Saw 'Angelic Beachcombers' Storming the Beaches...Digging Up Wedding Rings, Coins From the Mouths of Fishes, And Jonahs Who Still Had the Call of God on Them!"

They appeared to be angelic beings with metal detectors searching for treasure on the beaches of the earth. What seemed to be washed up upon the shores of life through storms and spiritual shipwrecks, disregarded by many, were now in great demand in Heaven. Much treasure was buried in the sands of beaches upon the earth. As angels began to dig deeper in the sand, an outline began to form of what appeared to be a large treasure; a form in the image and likeness of God appeared just beneath the sand - a human being! Angels began reporting to Heaven that many who were made in the very image of God had actually buried themselves and had died spiritually trying to find rest and relaxation in the pleasures of the shifting and the quick sands of life. But Jesus now appeared walking on the waters along these shorelines of the nations. The waters were being anointed.

"Kings and Queens of the Earth Were Meant to Live in Castles. Return to Me!"

As these 'angelic beachcombers' continued to dig many of these lost treasures free, the grains of sands beneath them began to cry out the sweetest word ever heard upon the earth..."Repent!"

The grains of sand seemed to speak this word with so much love, like no human voice had ever spoken to these treasures before. In fact, one angel wrote with his finger across the beaches the word "repent," and then built a heart shaped sandcastle around it as Heaven proclaimed..."Kings and queens of the earth were meant to live in castles. Return to Me!"

True 'R & R' was coming to these worn, broken lives as they began being kissed by the 'Sun of Righteousness' rising upon them with healing in His wings! Sweet 'Repentance and Restoration' was invading the beaches and shorelines of nations! Lost wedding rings were being restored to fingers! Great financial needs began to be met supernaturally from the mouth of a fish! Jonahs began to get up one more time from when they had fallen down and began to shake the sandman from their sleep!

"Comb the Beaches, Mountains, Valleys, Cities...and My Own House"

I then heard the Father commanding these 'angelic beachcombers,' "Begin on the beaches of the earth and then begin to move inland, combing the mountains and the valleys, the cities...and don't miss combing through My own House to search and bring forth many of My treasures who have buried themselves in their own 'church traditions' and are locked up inside those 'church walls.' Compel them to go out 'now' into the highways, the byways, the cities, and the beaches and pick up the spoil that lies waiting."

"I'll see you at the beach..."


Bill Yount

Sunday, February 14, 2010


John 12:24 "Verily, Verily, I say unto you except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies it will bring forth much fruit."

To germinate means 'to begin to or cause to grow, or sprout.


In the Spirit I am hearing a sound I have never heard before. It's a sound from seeds that God had planted through us that have died inside the stony hearts of many people. There had been a long season when these seeds were not heard from at all. They were silenced by death. But in spite of death these seeds now were beginning to groan as though death itself could not keep them any longer. The very life of Christ within these seeds was now beginning to overcome death and I saw a sprouting taking place that seemed to begin to shake the gates of hell off of its hinges! It's as though these seeds were shouting, "Our season of death is over! Hallelujah, we are now coming alive!" Seeds that had died with unfulfilled dreams of God inside of them were now beginning to come alive worshiping their Creator as they were beginning to sprout, bringing forth 'fields of dreams' coming true!

Seeds that were planted many years ago up to this present day were beginning to germinate. Seeds we had sown of the word of God, acts of kindness and even smiles were bringing in a harvest as germination was taking place inside of many of whom we had forgotten about and given up hope for.


Ecclesiastes 11:4-6 "He that observes the wind shall not sow and he that regards the clouds shall not reap. 5. As thou knowest not what is the way of the Spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child; even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all. 6. In the morning sow thy seed and in the evening withhold not thine hand; for thou knowest not which shall prosper either this or that or whether they shall be alike good."

Both of our daughters are expecting our first grandchildren a month apart this year. Both are having boys! We have been saturated with sonograms. Sonograms are amazing to look at. You begin by seeing something so small at first and then the little members of the body begin to grow. We can't figure out how that happens but it's the seed that makes it all happen! I believe this year will be a year of record breaking germination taking place in the wombs of many women....even a year of surprise babies!


When a seed falls into the ground and dies it looks different as it begins to sprout and surface. Many ministries, jobs and dreams that have seemingly been terminated will begin to germinate and spring forth suddenly appearing different with new dimensions this coming year. The enemy is not cutting anything away from you but God is pruning us all to look to Him for everything. Don't focus on your dead dream, dead job or dead ministry...listen to that seed that is now groaning to come forth in newness of life. Some jobs that have been terminated in one place will germinate in another place. Your gift will make room for you. Your gift has outgrown the room you were in! You will now need a larger room for your gift. The place where you get pregnant with God's dream is not always the same place where you give birth to it.


Many seeds that have been planted inside of us by the Holy Spirit and have seemingly died forever are now beginning to make a noise and groan. Even things that we 'thought' God told us that that is over.. isn't. Twenty-five years ago I had co-written a song with a brother that was recorded by several people and blessed many. After several years the song seemed to have finished it's course of being heard. Once in a while I would type in the name of the song to see if it's season was really over. I became convinced that the song had a certain season and that was it. Just two months ago I typed in the name of the song on i-tunes store and up came that song "It's all taken care of, thanks to you." just recorded by Claudelle Clarke, the queen of Reggae Gospel Music from Jamaica who has been singing for forty years now.

I contacted her and since the publishing company I had signed with closed down fifteen years ago, she was unable to find the authors of the song.  Sometimes when our name is overlooked or forgotten, God often uses a seed we planted to cause others to reap blessings where they did not sow and to take it further than we ever could. 1 Corinthians 2:6 Paul says, "I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase."

Galations 6:9 "And let us not become weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not."

I am learning that it's when I feel like fainting that that is when I am actually doing well from God's point of view and that a seed that I have sown is beginning to groan and sprout somewhere in some place or in somebody or in some nation!

We love and appreciate you all,

Bill Yount