Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something Sweeter Than Chocolate Is Now Coming Forth Out Of Hershey, Pennsylvania. . . A Womb Of 'Healing And Cures' For The Nations Is Now Opening!

This new release bears the fruit of the 'Hershey
Womb of Healing' coming to pass.
Milton Hershey was a great man. Milton Hershey's wife Catherine couldn't have children, so they adopted four orphans. When Milton Hershey died, he left a large sum of money to orphanages.

Today, there are ten thousand acres of land near Hershey, PA, with 130 homes that house 8-10 children, and more homes are being built all the time. There are about twelve hundred students living there (orphans and underprivileged children). They have their own school (first grade through twelfth grade) and community. I once ministered at one of the homes, and two small children opened up the meeting by blowing shofars!

Catherine Hershey also had a muscular, progressively deteriorating disease that doctors were unable to diagnose. They said it would eventually take her life. This motivated Milton Hershey to have the best doctors available to Catherine, and later, funds to have a research hospital in Hershey. The Hershey Medical Center was started, with $50 million, that the Hershey Trust funds today.

Milton Hershey had a ticket to go on the Titanic, but at the last minute, his wife became ill, and he missed going on it. The Titanic went down, and his life was spared. God had his hand on this man. Milton got saved in later years.


I saw one of the greatest outpourings of healing being erected as a healing zone, invading and surrounding the community of Hershey, PA. I heard a strong angel decreeing: “And there shall be ‘drive thru’ healings taking place in this city and its surrounding borders!”


I heard the enemy complaining and regretting the days that the womb of Milton Hershey's wife could not conceive. "Now we have a 'womb of healing' opening up in this place, where multitudes will conceive their healing for the nations!" I heard the stronghold spirit over Hershey crying out to hell, "It's Hershey; we've got a problem!"

I saw the angels of orphans and underprivileged children standing before the face of the Father, bringing their cries of Abba, Father, and their tears for Daddy to come home to Hershey to be with them. I heard the Father dispatching something like a news alert back to these orphans and children, "I'll be there with bells on! I am coming to bless the day Milton Hershey blessed my orphaned, fatherless children. I am coming to bless the whole city, and beyond its borders! Its fame will go throughout the earth to break the orphan spirit off of nations in this last day, as I am turning the hearts of the children to their fathers and the hearts of the fathers to their children!"


I saw angels dropping cures of diseases into the Medical Hershey Center. Unknown sicknesses and diseases were being given names. And angels were dropping these names down, and cures were following behind them to be released to the world!


I heard the enemy proclaiming throughout all of hell: "We have been working over-time to stop those praying Christians and to bring division to those churches and families, but we have overlooked the power of the cries of the fatherless! Those cries were coming from outside of the church and ascending straight to the Throne of their real Father! And He's coming to Hershey with full force!"
Dear friends,

I was given this word concerning Hershey, PA in 2005. Two weeks ago in the Spirit I saw the healing mantle of Kathryn Kuhlman descending with its borders blowing across the city of Hershey, PA. A new book titled “Healing Prayer and Medical Care” has just been released by Abby Abildness. This book is about the way the Lord is impacting the medical environment in the Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA and how God intended healing to be. I believe this book will become a manual for other cities and nations to bring forth long awaited healings and miracles upon the earth.

Thank you for your prayers for our family and ministry.


Bill Yount

Friday, October 1, 2010

‘Angelic' Doctors And Nurses Are Being Released Upon The Earth This Hour… You May Want To Get A Second Opinion!

The nurse's name was Peggy. She came during many long nights to sing hymns to a dear friend of mine while he was in the hospital in critical condition. Later, he wanted to personally thank her for her encouragement and kindness. Upon asking the hospital staff and the other nurses on that floor, they responded, "Oh, she is that 'traveling' nurse. We don't know where she comes from or where she goes!"

Respiratory Angel

A dear friend of ours (named Rick) awhile back survived a brain aneurysm. While in the hospital, after being on a breathing tube for so long because of his critical condition, the hospital staff would not remove it. But something unusual happened. Rick's wife, Sharon, shared this story: "I don't know where this woman came from. I had never seen her before in all the months we were in that hospital. This nurse came in on a Sunday and came into Rick's room. She said, 'Honey, I am going to see if we can get this breathing tube out! I am going to do the best I can.' Everyone knew that only the doctor in charge could give permission to take the tube out, but the doctor couldn't be found anywhere. The nurse started checking Rick's numbers on the monitors and then said to Sharon, 'We're going to do it!' Sharon left the room immediately and went out in the hallway to pray in tongues because of this critical moment. After a while, the doctor came walking down the hall and saw Sharon. He stopped to encourage her by saying perhaps soon they could remove the breathing tube, but that they would have to put a tracheal tube in the place of it. The doctor knew nothing about the lady who had already removed the breathing tube!

The doctor went into Rick's room and came back out and said to Sharon, 'Well, he is doing wonderful!' Sharon said that this lady who she believed was a 'respiratory' angel met her in the hallway and hugged her saying, 'I am so glad everything is working out for you. My heart was so grieved for you. We had to do this!' Sharon said she never saw that lady again after that!"

  If You Have Been Given "NO HOPE"... I Suggest You Get A Second Opinion!
Many of you knew that my mother once received a doctor's report stating that she needed to have her foot amputated. They marked her leg, explained to her that she would get a nice artificial foot, and that she would get along fine with it. My mother prophesied to the doctor that she would take her foot to Heaven with her, and she never went back to see him again. The Lord divinely connected my mother with what we believe was an 'angelic' plastic surgeon ( an angel unaware ) in Pittsburgh, PA. The first thing this 'angelic' doctor told our family and my mother when he saw her foot were the most powerful words spoken to begin creating the miracle...."I believe there is hope!"

If you have been given "no hope", I suggest you pray and get a second opinion! After the surgery, the first words he spoke to my mother were, "Mrs. Yount, I believe when you go to Heaven you will be taking your foot with you!" It was a fight of faith for five long months, but my mother got home and began walking soon on her own! A few weeks later she was waiting for the taxi to come and take her down town to her family doctor for a checkup. The taxi was late so Mom got in her car and drove herself for the first time since she's been home. She even went shopping after the doctor's office! She told us later that at the last checkup with the angelic doctor in Pittsburgh that he said she would be driving soon! So she did! Faith seemed to come out of this doctor's mouth during checkups!

Pray For All Doctors And Nurses--For God's Wisdom And Cures To Increase Through Them!

I thank God for doctors and nurses. If it wasn't for their dedicated lives, many of us would not be here. God does use them. I believe the Lord is beginning to drop ideas into the minds of many doctors for breakthroughs in medicine, healthy foods and cures for many diseases in this hour! I believe some doctors will be mentored by 'angelic' specialists whom God is releasing upon the earth this hour!


As the Body of Christ comes more and more into unity I believe sickness and infirmities will become a rarity. For where unity is, the Lord commands the blessing of life evermore! Psalm 133:3. Healing will become common and contagious, spreading from one healed person to another. Healing will run in families, through churches, and into the streets through our shadows! I believe healing will literally begin to attack our bodies! Unity in the Body of Christ will become a matter of life and death.

The Great Physician is now intermingling with doctors, hospitals, and medicines; and He is making personal house calls! Of course, always call on the Great Physician first, and trust Him to heal you. He alone is still able to heal all of our diseases and infirmities. If He chooses to use doctors and nurses for your healing, pray for a divine connection with the ones that He chooses. And of course pray against any side effects of the medication that you may have to take until your healing is manifested.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support that keeps us moving forward into the harvest fields. Please know that your gift is tax deductible being made out to Blowing the Shofar Ministry. We love and appreciate you all.


Bill & Dagmar Yount
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