Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Bowl Of Healing In Heaven Is About To Tip Over…Your Next Prayer Could Tip It!

I saw a "Bowl of Healing" teetering as angels of healing were proposing a toast to one another for Divine health coming upon the earth! They were toasting with the scripture 3 John 1:2 that says, "Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers!"

I saw many souls prospering because of drawing near to the Lord as they were fighting the good fight of faith for their healing! On the Father's heart was not only healing but Divine Health!

Our Prayers Of Faith Are Never In Vain

Have you ever prayed for someone to be healed, but they died? We all have. But did you know that your prayer of faith for that person was not in vain, and that God still honors it? Neither is that person's death in vain.

I Saw Tears Being Collected in a Bottle in Heaven...and "Unanswered" Prayers for the Sick Down Here Were Being Collected in a Bowl Up There.

I saw that our tears over our loved ones (who we had believed and prayed for to be healed but were not healed) were not shed in vain. I saw these many tears being collected in a bottle in heaven for a purpose. Our seemingly "unanswered prayers" of faith for the sick who had not received their healing were also being collected in a huge bowl in heaven. I had a knowing that our tears and unanswered prayers down here were working for us a "far more exceeding weight of glory!" I saw this huge bowl in heaven that was filling up to the top, and it was about to tip over to pour out upon the earth the greatest outpouring of healing that this world has ever known!

Your Next Prayer of Faith For the Sick Could be the One That Tips the Bowl Over--Never Stop Praying and Believing!

I sense many who have been given the gift of healing have been stopped by the enemy because they have not seen the results of their prayers of faith. You may say, "Bill, I have been prophesied to lay hands on the sick, but I have prayed for ten people who weren't healed!" Listen carefully. "You need to go find number eleven, and lay hands on them, and pray the prayer of faith, and believe God again.

God is the healer, not us! We are called to believe God's word as long as we have breath! Remember, we are believers not doubters! Even IF your next prayer of faith for the sick goes "unanswered", it could be the very prayer to tip over that bowl of healing in Heaven! Never stop praying and believing! Your prayers are never in vain!

You may say, "Bill, I have been believing God for my healing for fifteen years and still no victory!" Listen carefully. "It would be foolish for you to quit now. You have fifteen years of faith invested in your healing, and you are closer now to your healing than when you first believed!"

John G. Lake Had a Gift of Healing that is Still Healing People Around the World Through Healing Rooms

John G. Lake came from a large family of sixteen members. Seven of his family's loved ones were killed by an epidemic disease. All of this death in his family actually burned a desire inside of him to lay hold of the power of God and discover the key to healing that is still touching the world today. The death all around him could have caused him to quit believing in healing. Instead, the deaths were like gasoline being thrown on fire--they inflamed him to press in until he got the key of healing for the nations!

I read that John G. Lake was in a foreign country where a plague had broken out, and everyone around him was dying but him. They put John G. Lake's hand under a microscope and dropped a touch of this plague on his hand. As this plague touched his skin, they watched the plague die! Let the deaths around us spur us on to press in until we get what Jesus died to give us, because "by His stripes we were healed!"

Why some people die without being healed, only God knows. For sure, if they know Jesus or are small children then they are present with the Lord, totally healed forever! And we will see them again.

In this Bowl of Healing, I Saw an Anointing that Would Release Resurrection Power Upon the Earth!

This bowl that was about to tip over had Resurrection Life in it! I saw a key roll out of this bowl that would unlock the jaws of death and cancel funerals! I heard a strong angel in the heavenlies proclaiming, "They found it! They found the key to the miraculous! They didn't quit but persevered in the 'prayer of faith' beating all the odds against terminal sicknesses, diseases, and infirmities!"

I Think I Have Discovered What the Prayer of Faith Is...It Is When You Pray For Someone Else, When You Feel Like You Need Prayer Yourself!

I have prayed for the sick. When I had no feeling whatsoever while praying, I have seen more people healed. I think the real prayer of faith for the sick is when you don't even feel like praying, but you just do it anyway because Jesus said to. I am learning it's not the prayer of feeling that saves the sick, but it is the prayer of faith! There are divine times when we will be moved with compassion and strongly sense the Lord's presence as we pray. There are also times we are called to pray by faith, not by feeling. You have heard the saying..."When it's hard to pray, pray the hardest!"

Remember, you have healing in your hands because the Healer lives in you!

"Let's tip the bowl over!"


Bill Yount