Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Dear friends,

Both of our daughters are expecting our very first grandchildren within a month apart! I believe this is God's way of giving us another chance at loving children with His love and wisdom. Naomi is due on May 18th and Danielle is due on June 10th. Both are expecting boys!


I believe our daughters are a prophetic sign to the Body of Christ that God has been watching over your seed and your seed's seed (your children and grandchildren and those yet to be born.) God is awakening the seeds that have been planted in your own family and they are beginning to sprout and bring forth God's purposes and plans. The Lord knows the trouble that many families are facing right now. God sees it all. I believe I heard the Lord say, "I am going to give you 'double' for your trouble!" The seeds that God has planted through our lives throughout our life time are beginning to germinate and come to birth. Nothing has been in vain. God doesn't waste anything in our lives. God has been using our tears through the years to water those seeds. And our troubles are about to bless us, giving us a 'double' portion to bring glory to His name!

I believe this year will be a year of record breaking germination taking place in the wombs of many women....even a year of surprise babies! A year of 'double' for your 'trouble'!

Photos taken by Rodney Cool of Aesthetic Life Studio.

Thank God for kids,

Bill Yount