Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Did You Notice America Saw No July 4th Fireworks Until It Was Dark Enough?

 While singing the song, 10,000 reasons, this verse gripped me, "Let me be singing when the evening comes." I don't know about you but I want to be singing when the evening comes. It's easy to sing in the morning but in the evening is when darkness sets in. Did you notice America saw no July 4th fireworks until it was dark enough? I can imagine 10,000 children asking their parents, "Daddy, Mommy, when will the fireworks start?" Parents in vain tried to explain to their children, "It's not dark enough!" I wonder if there's a blessing about darkness that we as God's children don't understand yet?

 Did you notice when the fireworks began you no longer focused on the dark night but were mesmerized by the awesome bright lights exploding, sounding like giant boom boxes penetrating the dark sky and shaking the earth? The darkness only enhanced and seemed to energize the fireworks as they danced on heaven's ceiling. As I watched, I sensed the Lord saying, "Bill, that's you! That's My people. The world will begin to see My people like fireworks in their darkest night.

 I'm setting the stage using the backdrop of gross darkness. So far the world has only heard the enemy play his out of tune instrument since he fell like lighting from heaven. He lost his place in the choir. But I have an orchestra about to be heard from in the nations. And this is the part where My grand finale comes in to be seen and heard from. My explosive fireworks will cause multitudes to look up and be in awe and draw them out of darkness. My salvation, healing, deliverance, and glory captivating those in darkness will begin to fall down upon them shaking the earth.

Keep singing and worshiping Me as the evening comes. You are My grand finale in the darkness.


Bill Yount