Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Heard The Lord Say, "I Weep For This World, Yet There's Excitement In My Tears."

I have been feeling overwhelmed at the exceedingly sinful course this world has taken. A collision course with something, somewhere. But during my worship time I heard the Lord say, "I'm excited!" I said, "Lord, what did you say?" He said, "I'm excited!" I said, "How could you be excited? All I see is chaos and gross darkness." He said, "I don't waste chaos. And I don't waste gross darkness. I use them."

"From your perspective the world looks like it's falling apart. From mine it's a grieving but wonderful sight. I see treasures in the darkness and greater treasures to come forth from the gross darkness. Weren't you praying for your light to shine brighter? Stay focused on Me and your light will increase to see the treasures I see."

 He then said, "Son, you are right. This world is on a collision course. It's on a collision course with the greatest outpouring of My Spirit. The earth is coming into its fullness for harvest. And for that, there's excitement in My tears."

Bill Yount