Friday, June 26, 2015

As Families Began Praying Together, I Heard The Heart Of America Begin To Beat Again!

The answer for our nation may not be far from home.

In the spirit, as I began to hear families praying together, I sensed the Father saying: "I can hear the heart of America beginning to beat again and I can feel its pulse!"

 I sense the real warfare over our nation is against the very core of any nation: the family! I have heard of many types of prayer alerts for our nation at this time, but I sense an urgent call from the throne room for "families to pray together at this critical time in our nation."

The decree that turned the nation of Israel back to God: "AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD." Joshua 24:15.

As Joshua was declaring to the nation of Israel, to choose life or death, he was proclaiming the importance of not only his personal choice, but also his heart for his family.

I believe Joshua's heart for every father and mother was for them to decree that their families would serve the Lord also. Was he sensing the power that families hold in influencing the whole nation from being destroyed? He believed if God could save him, God could save his family. And if God could save his family, He could also save the whole nation!

Could it be since the garden of Eden that the enemy well knows that families hold the hidden power to destroy his kingdom and deliver whole nations? Is it any wonder why he unleashes hell upon families?

I know many of you have been praying for your family also. Yet I am sensing an urgent call, as parents, to not only pray for our children, but to build an altar and call the family members together - to pray 'with' them.

I sense our sons and daughters hold the keys to some of our own breakthroughs that we, as parents, desperately need at this time. And, as parents, we hold some keys to our sons and daughters healings and miracles that are needed as well.


Let's decree together: "As for me and my house and my nation, we will serve the Lord!"

Bill Yount