Friday, March 7, 2014

Healing Runs In My Family

My mother, who will be ninety years old soon, has found the key to long life. Twice cancer couldn’t kill her. The first cancer spreading through her body, the doctors gave her five years to live. That was thirty-five years ago. At eighty-seven the second cancer died through surgery. They got it all with no chemo needed. Years ago doctors witnessed a tumor disappear on her thyroid before taking a biopsy.

Ten years ago doctors wanted to amputate her one foot. She told them, “Whenever I go to heaven, I’m taking my foot with me!” Later they changed their mind. She still has her foot and walks fine. Most doctors who told her she wouldn’t live long are gone and she is still here. Here is her famous prayer when she gets attacked. “Lord, if I get weak and sick, how am I going to help anybody and reach the lost?” That’s it! Then healing starts to attack her.

I’m still here too after surviving many close calls. Excuse me, I need to check my front door. Yep, the blood of Jesus is still there. “The winds may blow and the rains may fall, but it won’t just wash away.” ( song -The Blood Is Still There )

Dear friends,

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