Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tomato Salvation

When God Calls

When God calls He rarely considers our plans. Where He leads often makes no sense. When I want to stay, He says, "Go!" When I want to go, He says,"Stay!" The worst place on earth turns out to be perfect to advance His kingdom. And He never asks me what time it is when He says, "Go!"

Tomato Salvation

A husband and wife shared how they wanted to leave their small town in Texas. Darkness oppressed them. God said, "Stay and plant a church!" A woman, the town drunk, kept interrupting the services. She stomped her feet and gave mean looks. The pastor while preaching happened to mention how he loved tomatoes. The intoxicated woman with a loud voice spoke up. "Tomatoes? I grow tomatoes in my back yard. I will bring you some!"

The next service she brought the tomatoes. During the sermon she came under conviction and gave her life to the Lord. Instant deliverance! The whole town shook from the power of her testimony. Her drinking friends still ask her. "How long is this going to last?" She tells them. "Til Jesus comes and for all eternity. I am done with alcohol. I have no taste for it!" When God calls us to a certain place, it usually isn't for our sake but for someone else's.

God's Most Wanted List

When God calls it's time to tear up our list of people who we think are too far gone in sin and evil. Surprisingly, we find them on "God's Most Wanted List," where we used to be. If God saved you and me, He can save anybody. I believe when we see God face to face, we will realize we could have loved more and judged less.


Bill Yount