Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How To Become A Water Walker

The enemy is always competing for our attention. In the Spirit I heard him accuse us to the Father. “I bet when the storm gets overwhelming, they will stop worshiping you.” The Father answered, “No way! I know them. They will worship Me anyhow. If their ship goes under, they will walk on water. They are water walkers! They are storm chasers! They chase storms! The raging sea becomes their sidewalk to get to where I am. They are full-time worshipers, part time anything else! Their worship brings Me to them.”


What if the storm that threatens your life today has come to promote you? Have you considered walking on water? Jesus used a storm at sea to illustrate to His disciples a life lesson: ‘How to walk on stormy seas’. Only one out of twelve was listening. “The first thing that must take place is a strong enough storm that relentlessly batters your ship. The second event: ‘How to get your feet wet.’ And the grand finale: ‘Just do it!’ I will take over from there.” ( My paraphrase ) Matthew 22-33.


Once your toes touch the water, whatever was over your head is now under your feet. The storm has weakened. You have worn it out. You have outlasted it and are now up for promotion. The storm that came to destroy you had a spiritual upgrade attached. You now have a testimony with authority to storm the gates of hell. You have become the perfect storm in Satan’s kingdom. And there’s no water in hell for him to walk on!


A tourist guide accompanied tourists down a river in a canoe. They were enjoying the peaceful river when suddenly they hit a section of rapids that rocked the canoe severely. Panic struck the tourists. But one person sitting in the back stayed calm in spite of the fear. A frantic tourist asked the person. “Why aren’t you afraid of these rough rapids? He responded. “I know the tourist guide. He has been down this river many times before. Enjoy the rapids!”


Bill Yount