Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Crack In The Liberty Bell

This morning I was revisited with a vision I had of our nation in 1996.

Out of nowhere, came a vision of the Liberty Bell. My attention was naturally drawn to the crack in the Bell. I felt in my spirit so grieved to feel how it seemed to signify such a deep fatal crack in the true liberty and freedom of our nation. Could that breach ever be repaired? Why wasn’t at least the physical defect of the Bell ever filled in with more metal? Would the Bell’s scar be prophetic, representing our nation’s fatal epitaph–unchangeable like the Grand Canyon engraved into Arizona. If only the crack was not there. I felt mesmerized by it. For the longest time my eyes could not move nor could my eyelids even blink.


Then suddenly as though in a twinkling of an eye, the brightest light pierced through that crack like a dam bursting. My head immediately turned away from the brightness emanating out of that crack. Instantly I had a knowing that this was the very Shekinah Glory of God.


Looking away from its brightness, I saw a large rope that was attached to the Bell. This rope was intertwined and braided. It seemed to be made out of the prayers and intercessions of God’s people. The Hand of the Lord began to reach down towards this rope to get a hold of it.

The Lord then spoke. “This Liberty Bell is going to ring again.” I then remembered the words inscribed on that Bell: Proclaim Liberty throughout the land and to all the inhabitants thereof.” It was now a rhema word from God.

In the Spirit I had a knowing that the Liberty Bell would be heard again spiritually throughout Philadelphia and across the nation. And with the sound of Liberty, the Shekinah Glory of God would begin to rise up out of obscurity and be seen even in the gross dark places of our nation. Concerning this vision the Lord spoke, “Have My people forgotten that all things are possible?”

Tradition holds that the Bell cracked while it was being rung during a funeral service in memory of a Sheriff. Prophetically it will ring again for the life and the Glory of a King who still lives in our land.

Can you hear the bell ringing?


Bill Yount