Monday, October 7, 2013

Standing In Hard Times

A woman kept standing for the healing of her husband who suffered a stroke, leaving a third of his brain dead. The doctor said to her, "He will never fully recover but be a vegetable the rest of his life." The woman said, "No, by the stripes of Jesus he is healed." The doctor got upset with her and said, "I don't think you are taking me seriously. I have been doctoring these cases for thirty years." The woman responded, "Jesus has been healing longer than that!" Nine days later he walked out of the hospital whole.

"I'm not looking ahead to a time when I will be healed. I'm looking back to the time I was healed." - Bob Sorge

Last night I faced my terror by night. It was afraid of me. And the arrow that flies by day. It missed me. You may wonder what my terror and arrow was. Just terror and an arrow. That's all it was.

After several months of pain, prayers of many, stretching exercises and some laser treatment, my frozen shoulder is finally loosed. The pain is gone. God has intervened again in my life.Thank you for all your prayers during this ordeal.

I am learning that sometimes you must walk through some stuff to get to where God is.


Bill Yount