Sunday, November 13, 2011

Author Reveals Prophetic Stones of Remembrance to Rebuild Future Generations

Remembering is perhaps America's greatest weapon against her enemies. In the face of hurricanes, floods, fires, economic crises and terrorism, God's gift of remembering her past victories has always been her foundation.When America remembers, she rises again becoming unstoppable. Bill Yount in his new book, Prophetic Stones of Remembrance...A Legacy for the End Times, reminds us as individuals as well as nations that it's in remembering how we overcame what appeared to be our epitome of defeat that creates the stones to rebuild our lives and future generations. Going through our most difficult moments in life causes us to pick up stones of wisdom and insight that give us an edge to win as we face the next impossible odds. Bill shares prophetic insights he has experienced from his own struggles that will encourage the faith of many to go the distance in the End Times.


Bill Yount