Monday, April 4, 2011

"He Has Made Me Fruitful In The Land Of My Affliction" Genesis 41:51

Natural Gas Well
I sense the Spirit saying, "The earth is now ripe for picking! It's coming into it's 'fullness' for harvest." Lands and whole regions of the earth are pulling on God's word for the revealing of the Kingdom. Psalm 24:1 says, "The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein." 'Earth' here literally means land and ground, that which is under one's feet.

Creation Stands On Tiptoes, Straining To See What's Coming Next.  Romans 8:19 Message ( paraphrased )

About a year ago a man called me from another state and asked me to pray for his investment in gas wells in Pennsylvania. He wanted to give more to missions. He happened to mention one of the counties in Pennsylvania where I was born and raised and lived for twenty-seven years. When I told him this, he said since I was born there, he sensed I had authority to pray over that region for God's blessing to be released. This seemed to witness to my spirit so I began to pray for that land to be blessed. As I prayed I was led to use a biblical prayer and song for wells,"Spring up, O Well!" ( Numbers 21:17 ) and I told him to sing this over the land. He would call me every so often and tell me that gas wells were increasing and springing up many places in those counties. Within the past year as I visited home, I noticed gas wells in the farm lands near our home where I had never seen them before.

I Didn't Realize That My Prayers Were About To Bless The Land Of My Birth!
Two weeks ago, I recieved a phone call from my mother. She said every neighbor in the hollow where her home is has been contacted to sign natural gas leases. They were told the hollow could be one of the richest natural gas fields in the county. I am amazed because only God knows the troubles that hollow has seen through the years. Strife, family feuds and injustice convinced me that the ground in that hollow had become cursed when many water wells and springs became stopped up with mud, unable to be used, because of a lack of rain. Everyone in the hollow knows it is only the mercy of God that this same ground could now yield forth such blessings. I believe the Lord is high lighting this scripture for many this hour. "He has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction." ( Genesis 41:51 ) I believe we are to bless the place or land where we have seen trouble and sorrow. Especially the place where we were born. I believe we have a God given birth right as believers that gives us great authority to restore the land of our birth to a place of blessing. I believe in the days to come, it will be said of our place of birth, "This man or woman was born there." ( Psalm 87:4 )

Our afflictions and losses are being redeemed and now turning to our gain. Having won Christ through them, we have authority over our birth place for fruit and blessings to spring up physically and spiritually. What has been working against us, in the land of our affliction, is now going to work for us! The Lord is saying to many this hour, "Don't sell your birth right!" Did you ever wonder why the richest oil deposits on earth are located in the most afflicted nations of the earth? It seems where there is much affliction and trouble on the earth, there is also much potential of spiritual and natural treasures there.

I believe creation itself is now beginning to play a significant role in fulfilling God's purposes in the earth. Joshua prophesied to the sun to stand still to help him win the battle! Ezekiel preached to the four winds to bring God's breath to dead bones! Jeremiah prophesied to the earth..."earth, earth hear the word of the Lord!" Prophesying and singing over the land for natural gas wells to spring up is but one more example of God's provision through blessed land.

God spoke and the worlds were framed by the word of His power! I believe God wants to speak, preach and prophesy not only to the people on the earth through us, but also to His creation itself--this hour--as He is longing to restore all things unto Himself!


Bill Yount