Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Bells Beginning To Ring Around The World, Bringing Terror To The Real Enemy Of Israel!

I heard Wedding Bells beginning to ring around the world out of every nation-- being amplified in the Spirit. These bells immediately set off an alarm throughout the earth causing principalities, strongholds and wicked spirits in high places to scream out... "This wedding cannot be! We have put a veil over the eyes and minds of His beloved, the Jewish people, so they are blinded from the truth. They will never believe He is their Messiah!"

Then with a sound as if it was the very shofar of God blowing from Jerusalem, I sensed the enemy crying out,"What was that? That sound sounds familiar to the sound we heard when the earth shook and the veil was rent from top to bottom when we thought we killed Him! This sound is bypassing their minds and starting to woo their hearts! What if they start believing in their hearts through the sound of this shofar? Since faith comes by hearing God, we are sunk if this sound coming from Him has even a tiny mustard seed of faith in it!" The backdrop of this wedding appeared to be under a chupah ( a wedding canopy ) with angels holding it high over the Bride and Bridegroom. I sensed the Bridegroom had requested a wedding in His own home town.


I sensed the Lord proclaiming to the angels that were standing at the four corners of the earth..."Begin to bring Me my beloved Bride. She is the one with the veil over her eyes!" Angels began to walk this beloved Bride-to-be down the aisles of every nation. For this wedding his chosen people, the Jews, the apple of His eye, were seemingly capturing His attention first. This spiritual Bride coming forth to this wedding, like a natural bride, had a veil covering her eyes. I sensed she was Jewish. As she came closer I noticed her veil was covering her entire face. I not only could see the spiritual Jewishness of this bride but also the spiritual descendants of the faith of Abraham. Every tribe and tongue could be seen as this Bride was coming out of every nation, religion and tradition, being drawn to her Bridegroom.


As hatred increased against God's chosen people the Jews, wedding bells rang all the more louder as He was wooing His bride to His side. War appeared to be one of the 'wedding attendants' that ushered His bride down to the alter to give herself totally to Him with no distractions or fear. I then sensed the Father whisper to the Bridegroom, His son. "You may now lift the veil and kiss the Bride." This veil was being lifted off of the Jewish people first and then simultaneously multitudes without number from every race, tongue, tribe and nation were being kissed and swept off of their feet as He ushered them into His Bridegroom chamber.

In closing, I sensed that Jesus was urgently declaring, as wedding invitations were being sent out. "I am coming soon for My Bride. Prepare for the Wedding!"

Dear friends,

In this rising economy I am noticing something. God is rising higher! We are still here. I know it's your thoughts and prayers toward us that is giving us victory on every side. The meetings are going great with the Lord's presence going deep inside of hearts awakening us as from the dead. God is highlighting the  seriousness of the moment concerning Israel and all of us. There is a thought I would like to leave with you. "If you knew for sure that this would be your last day on earth, do you think you could forgive your enemies and those who have hurt you? Go ahead and forgive them because none of us know if we will be here tomorrow."

Bill, Dagmar and family