Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Am Going To Redeem The Times That You Said, "NO!" To Me

I believe we all have missed one of those golden opportunities that we said "no" to by being led by feelings instead of faith. Can our disobedience ever be redeemed?

Recently, I blew a silver trumpet to open up a meeting. The Lord showed me that "silver" represents "redemption." When I blew that silver trumpet, I sensed the Lord saying: "I am going to redeem the times that you said, 'No!' to Me! I am going to give you other opportunities! Other opportunities that are going to cause you to forget your regrets.

When I look at you, I see no regrets, for there are other opportunities I am bringing your way. And if you will say 'yes' to these opportunities and follow through, it will produce a hundred-fold first fruits now, more than they would have yesterday or years gone by.

The Lord says, "This is a turn-around day! This is your turn-around day! I am going to turn things around for you. I am going to turn many of you around who have said 'NO' to Me to say 'YES' with joy. For you are now going to delight to do My will. Forget the past. Your past is not your present. The winter is over and gone.

 And what has been working against you in the past is now going to work for you! Rejoice, for I have greater opportunities coming for you now than ever before. Opportunities that will restore to you the years the cankerworm and palmerworm have eaten from you."

Bill Yount