Friday, September 11, 2015

God Is Calling Forth The 'Edge Pushers'

I sense the Father saying, “I am going to do fearless exploits with those who are ‘wired’ different. Some will seem to have ‘no wiring’ at all.” They will be famous for not being normal because they weren’t born normal. They were born to push the edge back off of their families, cities and nations. They will also push the edge back and break off every limitation that My present day church has put on itself.”
“I am sending these ‘unique‘ ones who will be the forerunners in routing every religious spirit out of My House. They will break the rules when it comes to reaching the lost. But don’t judge them. You may be shaking your head ‘no’ to the next move of My fearless exploits in reaching the harvest.”
If you’ve ever felt ‘not normal’, ‘wired different’, or have ‘no wiring’ at all. You may be in this sacred number.
Bill Yount