Monday, March 9, 2015

Mom Is Dancing On The Streets Of Gold

 My mother, Gertrude Yount, went to be with Jesus on March 2nd, 2015. Multitudes have been touched and encouraged by her many healings and miracles that God gave her in this lifetime. But what I will remember the most about mom is her persevering faith in spite of her many hardships. She found God in the storms of life. She touched so many people with God's love. She was 90 yrs. old. She is now totally healed forever.

Just hours before mom met Jesus, my sister visited her. She said mom's face was glowing, she couldn't find one wrinkle on it, and she was even walking on her own. When I called that evening she said, "I was going to call you." Her voice was strong and clear. Within three hours of talking to all her children, she left. The last words my brother heard my mother say was: "Tell everyone I love them."

 Mom had an unusual request when she left this world. She said, "When they lay me in the casket, I don't want them to put any shoes or socks on me. I want to dance on the streets of gold in my bare feet." I called the funeral director and told him mom's unusual request and why. He agreed.

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Bill Yount