Thursday, February 5, 2015

Overlooked Treasure

 Have we overlooked the treasure in older people in rest homes? I visited my mother in an assistant living center a few days ago. I met an eighty some year old sister who was a missionary to the Indians. She showed us photos of her life story. A newspaper article read about her mother who was blind for sixteen years and suddenly could see. This sister shared how one day she hugged her mother and said, “Lord, I want momma to see.” Suddenly her mother got her sight back.

She went on to tell other stories how she had the gift of healing for many people. I said to her. “Would you pray for me? I have a bone spur that still gives me pain.” Before she prayed, she said, “You will feel heat in my right hand as I touch your neck. And you will be fine in the morning.” That night I slept without pain and it has never come back. While I was among these older people the Lord said to me. “I am giving you the wisdom of the ancient. Thanks for visiting Me.”


Bill Yount