Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Statue of Liberty Changing Her Apparel

 The Statue of Liberty Changing Her Apparel

 I saw the abbreviation of the state of New York --N.Y. lighting up standing for "NOW YESHUA". It was as though Yeshua was coming 3-D Technicolor to New York City! I saw in the Spirit a huge tallit (prayer shawl) coming down over the shoulders of the Statue of Liberty. The Lord says, "the prayer shawl over her shoulders represents the intercession for America and Israel. I then saw the hand of God replacing the torch with a shofar!

The Lord says, "the Spirit of Liberty that seems dead within this woman is being resurrected and up out of her inner most being will come forth the breath of God and this lady will blow the shofar and the blast of Liberty will be sounded and heard in the land bringing a release to America and touching Israel at the same time!" It's not over. A powerful remnant is rising!

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Bill Yount