Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Favorite Flower Is An Iris.

One morning during a three month sabbatical I was walking to my prayer room passing by our bay window that was filled with beautiful flowers called Irises. They were in full bloom, shouting a grand finale of colors and majesty. As I walked past them, I heard the Lord whisper. "Bill, I want you to sit down and behold the flowers." As I did, I found myself mesmerized by their beauty and I began to repeat their name out loud..."Iris, Iris, Iris and then out came, "I Rest!"

It's the first time a flower ever preached to me. I kept gazing upon their glory and studied them. I couldn't find one flower that looked like it was struggling. I couldn't find one flower that looked like it was worried. Have you ever seen a flower that looked worried? ( unless you don't water it ) These flowers were just being and growing into what God had called them to be with no struggle, no sweat and no worry. They looked like they were rejoicing.

The Lord spoke through those Irises saying. "Bill, I am calling you to rest in Me. As you rest in Me you will naturally grow into all that I've called you to be. There is a rest to them that believe. You not only must believe in Me but believe Me to bring to pass what I have spoken to you. I am the faithful one who has called you who will also do it. Only believe."


Bill Yount