Friday, November 7, 2014

Healing Blessings

 My annual heart check up was yesterday. When the nurse asked me what medicines I take, I said, "Just a baby aspirin at night." She said, "Lord, have mercy!" I said, "You just prayed my prayer concerning my heart." She couldn't believe that I wasn't on any statin for many years.

My heart specialist checked me over good and said, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up." So I will continue to eat oatmeal for breakfast, exercise and deny myself of greasy foods that I would love to eat. I will keep standing on God's word that He spoke to me when I was in the emergency room thirteen years ago with a blood clot in the artery of my heart. "I will restore health unto you and heal all your wounds." Jeremiah 30:17 Please know that your prayers not only bless my ministry but they keep me alive. Thank you so much.

I believe this healing scripture is for many others today.

Lord, have mercy.